Currently many masters use to build liquid tips. Feedback about this technology can be read on the pages of specialized forums. As a rule, they are positive.

Modern technologies of building nails are at a fairly high level. Many women are increasing their nails constantly. They did not aim to significantly lengthen them. By building the nail plate is more dense, looks neat and very attractive. In addition, the varnish on the artificial nail lasts longer. Thus, capacity allows a woman to save time.

Currently there are a lot of ways to manufacture artificial nails. Particularly popular technology that provides for the use of liquid tips.

Liquid tips – reusable forms, which are made of a flexible polymer material. Liquid called for the reason that the form is filled with liquid gel with which formed an artificial nail. There are many different kinds of manicure, where you can use liquid tips. Technology nail quite simple. The first stage in the expansion is standard procedure grinding nails, degreasing and applying to them primer hitch. The second stage is the selection of a form that will be a perfect fit for each nail.

The third stage includes the fill конструирующего gel in form and figure. If the wizard does the so-called «French manicure», or rather, its imitation, he first puts gel «smile» and полимеризует it under ultraviolet lamp. Next, the wizard fills in forming gel 2/3 of the nail plate and полимеризует it under the lamp back in 10 seconds. If the client wishes to become the owner of the nail, which will ultimately look like natural, the procedure is simplified. In this case, the gel is poured into a mold, is it under the lamp.

The fourth stage in the expansion – withdrawal form. While on the nail remains artificially simulated gel type C. Further gel form the stress zone, saw through the edge of the nail nail file and put a little gel without adhesive layer. Next you need to fix the top layer under the ultraviolet lamp, process the edge of the nail nail file, removing all the bumps and roughness. After all these procedures, the woman receives a perfect manicure. If desired, nails can be varnished. Very well looked translucent shades that perfectly accentuate the beauty of your nails.

Liquid tips have a number of advantages. This technology allows producing capacity even on the most uneven problem nails. In addition, in the process of manufacturing of artificial nails do not use glue, which is very toxic. Glue has a negative impact on the nail plate. This technology is quite simple and economically beneficial, as reusable tips you can use for a long time. Using this technique, you can create a perfectly flat line «smile». This is very important for a French manicure. Technology allows you to perform all kinds of manicure and can also be used for nail on my feet.

The disadvantages of this technique include the need to purchase a special lamp, and a need for special education. Purchase the materials for the building can be in any computer shop. You can order them on the Internet-resource «Formula Profi». Liquid tips Formula Pro» feature impeccable quality and durability. Experienced masters claim that it is better to acquire high-quality materials. This will greatly save money. Cheap materials of questionable quality very quickly break down, break down and become unsuitable for further use. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the quality of the gel. Cheap material may contain hazardous substances and may substantially worsen the condition of the natural nail. As a rule, experienced masters on manicure prefer to buy all the materials from the same supplier. Only in this case, you can be sure of the quality of purchased goods. As for the material to build matters is not only the expiry date and the date of production, and storage conditions, as well as the name of the manufacturer. Major Russian and foreign suppliers of this kind of materials to produce products of exceptional quality.

The build-up of liquid tips is very comfortable and has a number of advantages over other ways of increasing. Many women prefer liquid tips mainly because this technology is not used glue.


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