бальзам для губ своими руками

So it is time forever обветренных and chapped lips, when without a lip balm nowhere. Saving jar should always be at hand: in each bag, in every pocket and even each computer, not to mention the tablet and smartphone. Therefore, savings and pleasure for the sake of lip balm just need to do with his hands. So it is cheaper and safer, and much nicer.

To create a lip balm with your hands you will need two kinds of thick vegetable oils, the video is cocoa butter and Shea butter. In addition, we will need beeswax, jojoba oil and castor oil.

Use equal amounts of these oils and waxes, and twice castor oil, for example, all oils and waxes, take 3 grams, and castor oil – 6 grams.

Do not be afraid that cocoa butter will give your lipstick unwanted chocolate taste and color. Cocoa butter is absolutely colorless and tasteless.

Melt the resulting oil-wax mixture on a water bath or in a heat-resistant container on a plate.

Add the melted mixture of essential oils to your taste, it is the taste, after all, they taste you very long to feel on her lips. If you want to get lip balm different taste and functions, first pour it on the molds, and then add the ethers.

Mint oil will cool and make the lips fuller and brighter, cinnamon oil on the contrary warm lips and also make them fuller and brighter. Rose oil, vanilla, orange… Choose an essential oil or a mixture thereof in accordance with their own preferences. For men, you can make a lip balm completely odourless or with a light mint and/or lemon.

If you want to get a color lip balm, add the food coloring or a special colour for cosmetics, which can be found in specialized shops.

Pour the ready balm on the molds, or use a clean dry case of ending or approaching is not lipstick.

Wait until your lip balm cool and use it as the most usual lip balm.

Possible contraindications, particularly allergic reactions.

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