Линдси Лохан взялась за старое?

Lindsay Lohan a few months ago I received treatment in рехабе, and at the end of the summer came out of her dramatic interview Oprah Winfrey, in which the actress was recognized in their dependencies and assured TV star, that is ready to refuse them. Even film festival in Venice Lindsay missed, because, according to her, was completely dedicated to their own health.

Since the interview took place only a couple of months, and mood Lohan seems to have changed recently, Lindsay see all the time in the night clubs in Los Angeles and new York, and eyewitnesses claim that the actress during a party is not going to stop drinking alcohol.

Insider, with whom communicated correspondent Star magazine, says that at a recent party Lohan drank so much that it literally needs support by friends, otherwise the star just couldn’t stand on his feet.

The next evening the actress spent in the company Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton and then the strong drinks, of course, too, was not. An eyewitness, who has star company in a Hollywood club, said that Lohan and her friends spent the whole night in the vip-hall facilities.

Unknown true whether the stories insiders, but we still hope that Lindsay joked about quitting bad habits.

Линдси Лохан
Lindsay Lohan is rumored again fun to spend time in clubs

Линдси Лохан

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