Линдси Лохан организовала нападение на брата Пэрис Хилтон?

On the eve of the younger brother of Paris Hilton – Barron was admitted to hospital after a brutal attack. In Instagram he put a picture of your перебинтованного face with bruises. Police Barron said that the organizer of the attack was Lindsay Lohan. According to him, while he was beaten, she stood подначивала striker.

The “intruder” was a ray Лемойн, and his version is very different from расказанной Барроном. According to Лемойна, a fight started Barron, who did not want to leave the rented ray’s house after the party. During the incident Lohan was really at his home – the actress in their only acquainted, and, says Lamon, to a fight she had nothing to do.

However, a famous sister Barron – Paris and Nikki already soured on Lindsey. In an interview to the NY Daily News senior Hilton promised to avenge his brother.

They both pay for what they have done. No one can contact with my family and go unpunished.Her sister Nicky was expressed more reserved. In his Twitter she wrote that the poor invariably happens when mixed up with the wrong people.

Recall that the conflict Paris and Lindsey began back in 2006, when the actress took the successor of hotel Empire groom – Greek heir Stavros Niarhosa. At the same time the Internet is widely spread video, which Хилтоны laugh at Lindsey and assign it the obscene nicknames.

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