Many women are interested in the question: “How to paint my nails? “. The solution to this problem excite even the masters of manicure and pedicure, that of varnish for the nails almost everyone knows not by hearsay, but in practice.

As a professionally learn to colour lacquered fingernails? Sometimes when applying for beauty nail varnish begins to bubble. To avoid this, you must wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water, and then dry it. In order to effect a better, nails, you can handle any liquid intended for paint removal.

For чтобыкрасиво paint лакна nails first you need to take a Foundation under it, which is sold at almost any store. This is where you can buy and all the attributes for such procedures. Framework is required for the alignment of multiple small irregularities.

Also have the option to remove them by polishing, but not recommended, because using it you can harm the upper nail layer, and this may lead to fragility and a weakening of the nail. Therefore, you should use basis under the varnish. This will save nails and will varnish is applied to the nails neatly and evenly.

Once the framework is applied, you should let it dry, then apply the first layer of varnish. Before application it is recommended to shake the bottle and rubbed his warm palm. The next step is to dip the whole brush into the paint and gently wipe the edge of the bottle, in order to eliminate unnecessary surpluses.

After that you can apply Polish on the nails, starting with the little finger. Necessarily need to step back немногоот edge катикулы, put an end to hold the first line in the middle, then left and right. The next step is the final: coating nail smear on the plane. It should be remembered that after the painted nail, it is necessary to lower the brush in the paint.

Some people think that apply varnish to only once. This is a misconception. Despite its color you want to paint the nail in two layers. This must be done in order to avoid divorce, and you could see the true color varnish. In parallel with manicure mastery of developed and developing different inventions.

For example is a fixer. It is necessary to painted nails more intensively glistened and fastened with nails. Thanks to this varnish will remain for a long time.

To learn how to paint my nails лакомможно pass a special course on manicure and a pedicure. Then will not need to go to a beauty salon. This will reduce the time and Finance. So, what should be done after the varnish is already fixed? Necessarily it is necessary to allow it to dry for about twenty to thirty minutes. Do not pay attention to the fact that on the vial stated that he quickly or dries instantly.

But if it so happened that the varnish got on катикулу or skin, that in no case can it immediately wipe. You must wait until the cure completely, so as not to smear it and not to spoil a beautiful manicures. Consequently does not damage the varnish, if it accidentally hurt. For this procedure, you can use a toothpick moistened with nail Polish remover.

In two thousand thirteenth year is very fashionable newspaper manicure. Its easy to do and is very unusual. For him need any newspaper (more looks foreign language), white, and top coat. Also the pre-clean nails from the old varnish, saw through, remove катикулу. Then it should be cut on each finger one piece of newspaper and cause the white Polish on the nails. After it dries to water a little piece of paper, but in no case to prevent its saturation with water.

After that it is recommended to clean the nail and припечатать him фрагментс inscription. Further, you must wait thirty seconds without moving the newspaper, that the letters will be printed uniformly and clearly. Then carefully separate the paper from the nail. After this procedure you should wait until the nail surface completely dry and apply a regular transparent varnish. Thus do with all the other nails.

If at first you don’t succeed to make a picture, then you can try again pre-обезжирив nail special tool. It will be a beautiful and creative manicure. By the way, is not necessary to use white paint. Can fantasize with different shades. But statistics showed that bright tone much more often used because it looks effective.

Many people wonder how to paint beautifully nails лакомне necessarily run in beauty and consult with the master of manicure and pedicure. Everything can be done at home. It should show a little patience and imagination and the result will be stunning. Recently the trend of fashion is “ трескающийся varnish. For this you need to paint the nails any colour, which pleased, except the crack of varnish.

You must also consider the shades so that colours are not merged. So after tint defined and applied on the nails to a varnish should allow to dry. After that, you can apply and “трескающийся varnish. This manicure uses mostly young people, as it’s bright and colorful. By the way, to work in the office is not desirable to come with him, as it does not correspond to the rules of etiquette. But if you plan to hike to a party or a club, then this is the right decision.

In conclusion it can be noted that in recent years a large number of different ways of drawing of a varnish for the nails. If you want you can learn all these ways of exercising at home.


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