Any figure on the nails can make usual manicure is a work of art. With sufficient training you can learn to paint everything that I pleased.

Professional masters can create images of nature, to paint portraits, apply abstract painting and folk motifs. For those who are just getting way to learn this kind of art experts advise to first learn how to draw something more simple, but effective. In particular, rose.

It is worth saying that the lush roses that are framed with lavish full-blown flowers and beautiful greenery, are considered classics of the painting on the nail plates. Although at first glance figure can seem daunting, but the question is, how nails resolved fairly easily. This figure is able to repeat almost every girl. Enough to buy all the required tools, paint, a little bit, and now soon you will enjoy the excellent result and compliments from others.

To perform painting of the nails, must be in possession of some of the Arsenal, which consists of a set of acrylic paints of different shades, synthetic brushes (round and flat) , palette, cardboard and plastic tips. Before you learn how to draw a rose on the nails, it is recommended for some time to practice on a glossy cardboard (preferably white) . All the techniques you need to work up to full automatism. In other words, a hand should not waver at the last moment.

So, first of all, it is understood that do not have to paint roses all the fingers. You can just make a decor more visible, if you select only 1-2 nail each hand. It should not be to replicate exactly the figure. In particular, one toe flower can be a lush and расцветшим, while the other only slightly полураспустившимся. In addition to paper, you can also train on tips. Thanks painted on artificial cover plates can avoid mistakes during the immediate manicure.

In addition, you need to buy all the necessary tools. Drawing on nails roses best performed using a special acrylic paints, as they can go much denser than normal lacquer. In addition, their shade varies by clicking on the brush. Using acrylic have the opportunity to draw 2-colored petals. This figure looks very natural. Better to buy 2 brushes made of thick cloth. The principal will be flat, with slanting cut and extra – thin round to draw stems and veins.

Before application of an image must be prepared for nails, for which they подпиливают, remove the cuticle, Polish the surface of the nail plate with the help of the grinding of the bar. We must understand that the surface for roses should be perfectly smooth. Then you need to put on the plate protective basis, and after it dries, painted nails two layers of lacquer. The lacquer has to be chosen based on the ideas of manicure. For example, a light background is well combined with bright roses, while on a dark look great monochrome drawings.

Then the box (can be normal saucer) squeezed a few drops of colors (white and red) . Both colors are recruited on a flat brush, which is brought to their faces. Thus it is to be installed perpendicular to the surface, then draw a curl. So it turns top Bud. To close the arc to draw in the bottom of the symmetric curl. If there is only one color paints, it is possible to make a rose a solid color.

Next, you should gain an even some paint on the brush to draw the outside of the petals of a flower. To do this, draw a wide curls, departing at 1 mm from the center of the flower. A brush it is necessary to move in waves. The surface of a petal is slightly corrugated. It is desirable to make about 5-6 such curls. In result on the nail appears budded, lush flower. With a thin circular brush you need to put a thin strokes between the petals to give volume rose.

You can add to the flower green leaves. The whole picture is secured with a protective colorless base, applied in two layers. Thanks to this nails attached to a mirror Shine, and the manicure reliably and firmly fixed and will be long-lasting.

After happen to master some simple items you can represent a much more complicated composition. In addition, a large number of options you can come up with due to the combination of different colors.


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