The question of how to draw snowflakes on nails, often takes not only professionals but also Amateurs. Snowflakes on your nails become particularly relevant in the winter, when changes in nature require compliance with the image of the city beauties

In the last decade of nail art has moved out of the area of applied
skill and approached the level of high art.
Masters on manicure, unusually decorating nails, became popular.

Today they require not only technical skills, but also a sense of proportion and sophisticated artistic taste. Without these attributes make the way on the market of nail design, where a proposal has already caught up with demand, almost impossible. The question of how nails, are not only professionals but also Amateurs.

Of course, for those who graduated from the art faculty of applied secondary special or higher educational institution, visited in childhood art school or just spends all his free time to draw, to paint a false nails in any style and direction is not difficult.

For those who spends painting quite a lot of time and mental energy or are just beginning to engage in this direction, not superfluous will be some practical advice.

Winter, stepping unexpectedly, as usual, is not only the cold and the snow, but with the promise of a speedy updates and new year holidays. These troublesome and joyful days is to prepare. Hands, too, should not remain without attention. Winter manicure leaves much to the imagination. Snowdrifts and the fir trees, the snow Maiden and Christmas balls, sequins, imitating the sparkling snow, and all sorts of snowmen. However, a Central element of the winter painting nail is still a current year item snowflake. A quick tutorial on how to draw snowflakes on your nails.

A fundamentally crystal snowflake has a regular geometric forms, often Recalling six or octagonal. Clear lines of this winning details should prescribe with the help of an ordinary needle or its professional counterpart, called dots. Дотсы vary in diameter and texture of nozzles. In practical budget version of the fit sewing needles of different thickness.

First, you need to deliver a basis under the varnish, apply a base coat of varnish, which can be made in any shades of cold (blue. blue, violet or green or even black) colors and pastel shades from beige to opaline-yellow and pink. It is better to choose Matt lacquer base.

First necessary to determine the shape and number of snowflakes. The only element looks better at the edge of the nail and may be larger and have more complex pattern. Multiple snowflakes better to make small and simple design. The first to paint the little fingers, moving towards the big fingers.

For more accurate lines waiting for the full drying lacquer base, on top of which put a figure lacquer or acrylic paints. Perhaps as прорисовывание all lines with a needle, and the addition of individual elements of her eye. There are also methods of connection needle individual drops, thus uniting them into a drawing of lines and spots. Colors for snowflakes absorb contrast in relation to the basis.

Once the image will dry out, over the nail impose lacquer-fixer, more transparent.

A few examples of detailed drawing of snowflakes. For normal snowflakes with six rays draw three intersecting lines. Then you have two options additions. Either eye of a needle put points on the ends of all the rays, or дорисовывают small rays (two on each second beam and four on each first).

For more fine snowflakes first перекрещивают two lines, then put drops of paint or varnish on the outer third of all rays. Drops are combined needle, receiving the likeness of the spider web. Eye of the needle complement the gaps between the rays of the points. If you hold the tip of the needle on these points until the moment of drying, you can get hearts or the leaves.

A more complex methodology, some experience of drawing with a needle, is прорисовывании separate beams snowflakes by the method of drawing twigs. Diagonally put three drops of varnish, which connected the tip of a needle.

Also snowflake you can draw from a single drop of lacquer or paint, pulling drop the tip of the needle in the form of rays in different directions.

The number of rays in the snowflake can be completely arbitrary, as well as decoration of the rays. They can complement the small rays, circles, points, connecting the curved lines or straight. All depends on the imagination and skills of the master in the implementation of the drawings.

Snowflakes on nails extremely relevant in the winter. Geometric patterns of snow crystals falling and decorating the hair and shoulders urban beauties, are deposited and at the fashionable ноготках.

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