Whether there is such kind of manicure, where the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum, and nails retain well-groomed appearance as long as possible? Of course, this European manicure, which is popular all over the world.

Appeared in price lists beauty salons European manicure became a real salvation for the owners of the delicate skin of the hands and close capillaries. Despite its unusual, this type of nail care very quickly became one of the most popular services, why it happened and why this differs from the classical manicure?

European manicure also called необрезным and its difference from the classical hidden in the title. When using this methodology the skin around the nail bed plate and not cut with tools, and softened with special means and gently pulls away a stick of wood orange tree. Uncut manicure, like any other has its advantages and disadvantages.

Its advantages include the fact that when these impacts on the cuticle is almost impossible to injure your fingers, and therefore the risk of infection is reduced to virtually zero. Also women who choose European manicure note that after the procedure fingers immediately look great, while the trim, frequent redness or even small cuts.

And, of course, bringing the nail in order for this technique takes a little time, if the skin is not in bad condition, then make a perfect manicure, you can literally 15-20 minutes, which is especially valuable in today’s fast paced rhythm of life. A minus can be considered a fairly long period of transition from the classical method of processing the cuticle to sparing, but even owners of rough skin will gradually switch entirely to such care.

There are two types of необрезного manicure and a wet and dry. The difference is in the preliminary preparation of the nail. In the first case the woman before proceeding directly to manipulation makes a dish, this procedure soften the nail and cuticle, simplifying its removal.

When dry необрезном manicure this stage pass and move on to applying tools to remove the cuticle. Dry European manicure saves time, but don’t give him preference, if the skin of the hands and nails are in poor condition, this impact will only worsen the overall picture.

So, uncut or European manicure can do this yourself or rely on a professional. You should choose the master, having carefully studied the responses of clients and considering all pros and cons. But you can make such a manicure at home. For this we need the following tools and instruments:

Nail files of two types: rough to trim the nail and give it the shape and soft – polishing.

Orange sticks or special pusher stick with rubber tips in the form of «hoof».

·Special tool to remove the cuticle. Despite the fact that today’s market of goods for manicure offers a lot of options, it is better to stop on proven producers.

Nail Polish remover, preferably without acetone.

Cuticle oil and hand cream

But before you start the procedure, it is important to find out all the details of magic called European manicure, as do, what tools to use, and most importantly, what is the correct sequence of actions.

It is important to remember that all the tunes, whether it’s the nail, or hardened rollers produced on dry hands. This prevents the nail plate from the delamination and will not be formed заусенцам on the fingers.

How to do step by step instructions

Remove the remnants of varnish covering, if necessary, wash your hands and let them dry out. After that, give nails desired shape and the same filing carefully handle rolls – rough lumps on the right and left of the nail.

Depending on the type of care you can make a bath to nail with essential oils or start the procedure of giving nails perfect tense.

Apply to cuticle special means and leave it for the impact on the time indicated on the bottle. Run overtime active composition is not necessary, it can cause discomfort, itching and irritation. Most often a part of such a liquid or as it is called, ремувера, contains fruit acids, extracts of plants and other substances that softens the skin and dissolve dead skin cells, making the cuticles soft and nourished.

Remove residue with a dry cloth and smooth movements with the help of orange stick or пушера with rubber-tipped push back cuticles. Thoroughly clean all околоногтевое space of tempered with native excess skin.

Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water and remove all traces of sodium tools, you can do this with a special brush or old toothbrush.

Apply to cuticle special emollient oil and gently RUB it, this procedure will help to prevent the appearance of burrs and soften the skin. After that you can Polish the nail and apply a suitable hand cream.

After some time, you wash your hands thoroughly dry, clean nails and apply a color or therapeutic varnish.

And, of course, not to mention the rules of selection of means for необрезного manicure, which are eager to share masters of nail service. Cuticle remover is better to take expensive and proven, although the high cost of not afraid, if it is used by 1 person, even the most tiny bottles enough for a year of regular use.

Tools and orange sticks better to buy sets, this will greatly save money. And it is better that the house always had all the necessary means at hand to in the event of unexpected invitations to visit manicure not become a reason for refusal.

The transition from the trim on the European manicure may be delayed and sometimes will desire to quit. But do not do, in just a month cuticle get used to a new care and nails will always Shine well kept.


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