Лана Дель Рей показала помолвочное кольцо

That Lana Del Rey and her boyfriend Barry-James O’neill secretly got engaged last summer, it became known recently. After this news paparazzi literally have arranged hunting singer – the audience was eager to see the ring, a gift from the groom celebrities in the important event.

And here on the eve of press photographers managed to catch a star in all its glory: Lana went shopping at a supermarket together with her lover and brother. The pop singer was dressed in casual style: a long white skirt, black cardigan and a baseball cap. However, fans ‘ attention was attracted not star style and precious jewelry and girls.

Unlike Cars Дельвинь, which recently surprised us with their gold braces the viewers saw the Del Rey another accessory – ring with emerald. We propose you to look at the gift Barry-James and decide how good taste have chosen one of the singer.

лана дель рей показала помолвочное кольцо
Lana Del Rey showed engagement ring

лана дель рей
The groom gave Lana LEL Rey emerald rings

лана дель рей
Lana Del Rey

лана дель рей с братом и женихом барри-джеймсом о'нилом
Lana Del Rey brother and fiance Barry-James O’neil

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