Ксения Собчак, Полина Киценко и другие на коктейле в честь запуска новой линейки

Tonight celebrities gathered in Central Moscow for a cocktail in the jewelry showroom in the center of Moscow. Ksenia Sobchak Polina Kitsenko, Katya Mukhina and others came to celebrate the release of a new collection of jewelry from Yana.

The boutique on Kuznetsk to the bridge this time reigned winter. In the early evening, waiting for the guests, Polina Kitsenko, located in “the family way”, and the hostess of the evening of Jan Расковалова were giving the final touches on the decoration of the space.

Invited arrived, and the frozen sparkled not only jewelry from the new line of Yana, but also clothes guests – not without reason dress code for the event was announced as the “Frosty laces”. All of the guest tried to keep the corresponding subject of the image, and sincerely admired the style and beauty to each other: there was a sense of dazzling having a snow-white winter’s day, the subtlety of the snow lace and the warmth and smiles.

Celebrity measured tiaras, necklaces, rings and bracelets, complementing their bows. By the way, treats also consistent theme of the evening: air meringue, hard candy, delicate eclairs – all this is reminiscent of the new season.

Яна Расковалова
Jan Расковалова

Полина Киценко
Polina Kitsenko

Яна Расковалова
Jan Расковалова

Ксения Собчак
Ksenia Sobchak

Ника белоцерковская
Nick Белоцерковская

Наталья Гольденберг
Natalya Goldenberg

Катя Мухина
Katya Mukhina

Светлана Меткина
Svetlana Меткина

Ульяна Цейтлина
Ulyana Tseytlina

Ксения Соловьева
Ksenia Solovieva

Яна Рудковская
Yana Rudkovskaya

Ольга Томпсон
Olga Thompson

Екатерина Одинцова
Ekaterina Odintsova

Оксана Он
He Oksana

Анастасия Рябцова
Anastasia Рябцова

Лаура Джугелия
Laura Джугелия

Анастасия рагозина
Anastasia Ragozina

Изольда Ишханишвили
Isolde Ишхванишвили

Milan Queen

Daria Korobov

Дмитрий Маликов
Dmitry Malikov

Влад лисовец
Vlad Lisovets

Ksenia Sobchak and Ulyana Tseytlina

Полина Киценко, Катя Мухина, Яна расковалова
Polina Kitsenko, Ekaterina Mukhina Yana Расковалова

Катя Мухина
Katya Mukhina

оксана он и полина киценко
Oksana He and Polina Kitsenko

Борис Белоцерковский
Nick Белоцерковская, Boris Belotserkovsky and Ulyana Tseytlina

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