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Константин Хабенский, Евгений Миронов, Александра Урсуляк в трейлере фильма "Время первых"

Konstantin Khabensky and Yevgeny Mironov in the movie “first Time”

Less than a month left before the premiere of a historical tape “the first Time” with Konstantin Khabensky and Yevgeny Mironov in the lead roles, and here the film makers have introduced a brand new trailer.

The painting, one of the producers which was Timur Bekmambetov, based on real events and tells about the first man’s exit into space. Military pilot Pavel Belyaev (Konstantin Khabensky) and his partner Alexei Leonov (Eugene Mironov) in flight known in history, are faced with many challenges.

In March 1965, Leonov spacewalks, where there is 12 minutes, and then because of the emergency he was struggling to get back to the spaceship. “Sunrise” with Leonov and Belyayev aboard landed in snowy Perm taiga…

In the trailer there are other actors starring in the film directed by Dmitry Kiselyov: Vladimir Ilyin, Alexander Ursulyak, Anatoly Kotenev… to See them in the movie “first Time” will be April 6, when the picture will be released.

Константин Хабенский
Konstantin Khabensky

Евгений Миронов
Yevgeny Mironov

Евгений Миронов и Константин Хабенский
Yevgeny Mironov and Konstantin Khabensky

Александра Урсуляк
Alexandra Ursulyak

Евгений Миронов
Frame from the movie “first Time”

Photo Stills from the movie “first Time”

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