Ким Кардашьян рассказала, как правильно сделать selfie в Instagram

Kim Kardashian, socialite, television star, girlfriend rapper Kanye West and experienced users of social networks, told the girls how to make the right selfie in Instagram. Parody video, shot together with her best friend Britney Гастино during a trip to the nail salon, the girl has posted on the Internet.

First, media personality advises to withdraw myself from above, then the eyes become bigger and louder, and his cheeks – less. However, according to Kim, the shooting angle should be changed frequently, so only one can find its winning view.

Kardashian and Гастино also advise not to abuse the “face-duck”, pulling the lips and giving them an unnatural plump form. Although, they immediately contradict yourself:

Lips folded tube, show the beautiful line cheekbones

The majority of subscribers Kim in Instagram not serious about her passion “crossbows”. However boyfriend star Kanye West believes Kardashian – “modern Marilyn Monroe”, and only enjoys her new photos.

Kim Kardashian
Frame from “видеоурока” Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

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