Кэти Перри и Джон Майер записали дуэт

Katy Perry and John Mayer now have not only a romantic relationship, but also the joint work. Artists have recorded a track together under the name of Who You Love, who also composed in co-authorship.

The song was included in the new album Mayer Paradise Valley, and promotional shots for singles created photographer Mario Sorrenti. 36-year-old singer shared a picture of the cover with his fans and left a comment:

Yes, so we usually look of the house.

John, apparently delighted with the collaboration with Kathy:

Proud of this song, I’m proud of design, proud of my girl.

It should be noted that a solo career of his friend Meyer, too, can be proud of: recently presented Perry new clip the song, which, by the way, inspired their romance.

Recall that Kathy and John meet the summer of 2012. There are rumors that the singer is ready to offer Perry marry him. Meanwhile, in anticipation of the news of the engagement, we estimate the joint hit lovers.

Обложка сингла Кэти Перри и Джона Майера
Cover of the single, Katy Perry and John Mayer

Кэти Перри и Джон Майер

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