Кейт Мосс в фотосессии для юбилейного номера мужского журнала

On the eve of the BFA 2013, where Merited model will be one of the victors of the evening, Kate Moss debuted in Playboy magazine. Supermodel appeared on the pages of the magazine in the image сексапильного “signature” hare.  

Stylists log dressed Kate in black swimsuit-bustier, added removable collar and cuff cuff-links. Completed image Bunny ears and fluffy rabbit’s tail.

Despite the fact that hares are called cowardly, “Bunny” Kate was very tempting and distinctive. That only is its “predatory” look!

By the way, the editor of glossy men’s magazines Jimmy Jelinek called Kate ideal poster girl.

Кейт Мосс

Кейт Мосс

Кейт Мосс для мужского журнала

Кейт Мосс для мужского глянца

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