Кара Дельвинь: "Я бы могла сбрить волосы и брови, набрать лишний вес"

Kara Дельвинь in ordinary life, little resemblance to the supermodel: star podiums and gloss prefers to dress like a normal teenager pants and rap caps. However, this does not prevent her to be one of the most popular models in the world. Now Kara intends to conquer the film industry.

Дельвинь became the heroine of a fresh issue of ID. In an interview with the model has told about the work, childhood, dreams, and what she’s willing to do for a role in the new project.

This is your third cover for publication ID, tell us about the shooting.

I was hysterical… it was very funny. I love to work with Sarah and her husband Richard. We had a lot of freedom, we could do what we wanted. I imagined a clown and Charlie Chaplin in high fashion. I was supposed to be a little crazy, but it’s always fun.

Recently you said you want to play music, sing. You also said “I want to do something that will make my skin erupt”, what you meant?

I meant what I must do what I really care about, I need a creative splash. I think: if you’re not passionate about your work, it is unnatural.

You try to conquer the film industry. What you are currently working, as this work differs from the model business?

Wait a bit and see everything!

Us you can rely on! Everywhere say that you will be doing a film with Michael Уинтерботтома “The face of an angel” Amanda Knox… the Role of the complicated?

I always afraid of the future, but Michael is an amazing film maker. I work with a steep composition. Playing, I’m learning: directly on the set.

What are your ощущени? You give advice?

Alarmingly, but I can use this concern. Michael says, cannot be taught natural talent. 

Can you make sacrifices for the sake of a new project, for example, shave your head or gain weight?

Yes, for all I care. I could shave off his hair and eyebrows, gain weight. I’ll do everything: jump with a parachute or from the roof of the building. I want to learn everything.

What would the movie and what character would you like to play?

Woman to cat and March from a tape “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?”.

Кара Дельвинь

Кара Дельвинь

Кара Дельвинь

Кара Дельвинь

Why do you think your fans you are loved so much?

I have no idea… because I love it also strongly? My relationship with each of these strange, but very important.

Someone from the fans did something memorable?

Little girl from Brazil sent me a 40-page album with letters and photographs. She has put enormous effort, and it is very cute. In General I get a lot of really thoughtful messages from his fans.

Fans ever crossed the line?

When some strange men on duty near your house, this is not the paddle.

Ever wanted to scream at the paparazzi?

Yes, the other day I tried to hit one in the face. I’m afraid that once I get in trouble. Pictures never tell the entire story. Some paparazzi trying to provoke you, they are waiting for the reaction, to make out of nothing history.

And what you were in school?

Loud, wine and strong willed. I loved when I was told what to do. Everyone always said Kara, you have to concentrate, do not distract other children in the class and I always liked to make people laugh.

Looks like your bedroom?

As my thoughts. I have inherited a gene accumulation from his mother, I can’t just something to throw out. I keep things tickets, bracelets with festivals and much more.

Where is your favorite place in the world?

Nothing can be compared with the UK, London and the British глубинской. I always miss home.

Do you consider yourself beautiful?

As a man, I hope so. It is important to be beautiful inside.

What makes you feel insecure?

My body, I would also like to be more flexible.

When you feel vulnerable?

Yes, when I’m alone.

Кара Дельвинь

Кара Дельвинь

Кара Дельвинь

Кара Дельвинь

And like to be famous?

There are pros and cons. I want to be known not only in the model business, but for those things that I am proud of.

That your relatives think about your glory?

From time to time, it’s pretty hard for them.

When was the last time you cried?

I got on the plane from new York, flight I watched Epic… I cried like a five year old.

Have you ever broke your heart?

Yes, damn it!

Have you ever broke someone’s heart?

Yes, but I didn’t want to…

There she is – star international catwalks Kara Дельвинь. A bit eccentric, sometimes touching, but mostly cheerful and crazy. This is why her and loved by millions of people around the world. We hope that the debut role Cars will open for the model new prospects in the world of show business!

Кара Дельвинь

Кара Дельвинь

Кара Дельвинь

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