Канье Уэст прервал турне ради Ким Кардашьян и дочки Норт

Last time Kim Kardashian and Kanye West travel to the USA together with the 5-month-old daughter North part of a tour Kanye Yeezus.

However, the rapper decided to break saturated touring to spend time with family and dine together at a new York restaurant.

Caring Kanye finally gave Kim Kardashian relax: judging by the photos paparazzi, he carried a hefty crib with North entire evening. While proud mom in a black leather jacket and gray narrow jeans sweetly smiling reporters, showing a slim figure and illuminating their broad smile.

By the way, recently became aware of the fact that Kanye and Kim are going to broadcast their wedding on television.

As informed insider in an interview with Us Weekly, the couple discussed the following option:

If they would shoot the wedding, they will do it themselves and sell entry телесетям. So no TV Kim and Kanye to the ceremony will not be allowed.

So we will have something to look at.

Alas, the 33-year-old beauty got used to the fact that the cameras capture the most personal moments of her life. In addition to the reality show “Family Карадашьян”, launched in 2007, Kim showed the world his wedding to NBA player Chris Хамфрисом in 2011. Entry called “Fairytale wedding Kim: event in the family Kardashian” was divided into two parts and gathered at the screens 10.5 million viewers. In 72 days the couple filed for divorce.

But now let’s look at the moving pictures of a happy family.

Ким Кардашьян и Канье Уэст


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