Джулия Робертс: "Надеюсь, Эмма останется собой!"

Julia Roberts hopes that her 22-year-old niece Emma will remain a: film industry adversely affect young Actresses.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times entitled “From pet America to the mom next door,” the 46-year-old star “August” she confessed:

When Emma comes to us, I always think: “Please, just let her stay!”. It all depends on the initial intentions: if you start working in the film business and clearly understand its purpose, then you can save individuality.

The Oscar winning Julia, nominated for a Golden globe-2014″ for his role in “August” spends most of his time not work, and family – husband Danny Модеру, 9-year-old twins hazel and Finn, and 6-year-old Henry:

We live in southern California, and no one believes that I had to go to the market. I think people often say that I am very picky choose the roles, because I love their children. But as an actress, I am proud of my intelligibility. There are several criteria. Firstly, I am 46 years, so that the fall from the chair in the frame will not – this is not funny. I can break a hip. Some scripts that I enjoyed 10 years ago, in this age I’m not interested. More precisely, does not suit me.

As Roberts managed all these years is not to get infected with stardom?

Nobody expected me to become someone besides themselves. I did not go to any special courses to communicate with journalists. Thanks for this! I would not stand.

Bravo, Julia!

джулия робертс
Julia Roberts in the Los Angeles Times

Shirley McClain, Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts in 2010

джулия робертс и эмма
Emma Roberts, Julia Roberts

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