Джулия Робертс станет мамой в четвертый раз

Julia Roberts pregnant. Such conclusions made by the American paparazzi captured the star of the film “pretty woman” backyard. In case, if the information is confirmed, the child will be the fourth for the 46-year-old actress. News shared blogger marishka1.

Julia carefully hides from glances and cameras her stomach. She wears baggy clothing or covers it with a package of food.

Guess paparazzi indirectly confirms the fact that the awards BAFTA LA, held in November of the current year, Roberts appeared in free black dress. The star shocked the audience, rolled onto the stage in a wheelchair.

Джулия Робертс
29 October 2013

Джулия Робертс
14 November 2013

Джулия Робертс

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