Джош Дюамель: "Сын Аксель отлично ладит с нашим псом"

Josh Duhamel and Fergie at the end of summer for the first time became parents. The last six months the family life of the pair was full of concern about the small son Акселе. To care for a child it is necessary to add still cares which delivers little Dachshund Zoe reside in the stars shortly before the birth of the first child. It may seem that in the house of the famous family does not happen quietly, but the actor himself denies it.

According to Josh, in their family a harmony and peace, and the pet will get on perfectly well with Axel:

Sometimes it happens very funny to see them together. Axel loves her and started to pay a lot of attention on Zoe. And our dog perceives it as an object, which throws him the ball. Continuing the conversation about the friendship between the son and the fees Duhamel noted that, contrary to their expectations, Zoya not angry over the fact that with the advent of the baby, she started to spend less time:

Zoe knows how much we love our new family member, does not suit the scenes of jealousy. She is a very smart dog and already can’t wait Axel grow up and play with it.

Well, we will follow news of the star site and wait for new pictures Axel.

джош дюамель с сыном акселем
Josh Duhamel son Axel

джош дюамель и такса зое
Josh Duhamel and Dachshund Zoe

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