Джессика Симпсон: "Во время второй беременности я чувствовала себя уверенней"

Soon Jessica Simpson plans marry for her fiance Eric Johnson, from whom she had two children: a 17-month-old daughter Maxwell and 3-month son ACE. It is worth noting that the first pregnancy was the star is not so easy, singer constantly criticized due to the fact that she had too many extra pounds. Become pregnant a second time, known the blonde came to the case otherwise. The singer told her that she had to endure over this time, and as she regained previous form:

After I gave birth to Maxwell, I am very stout. It turned out that I was much bigger than I thought. When it came time to try to get rid of extra pounds, I realized that this is not just overweight inhibited me.

Simpson admitted that at one point she was scared because of how she looked. Besides, it constantly received negative messages from his fans, who were dissatisfied with the appearance of Jessica. It’s time to take some action:

I needed a plan that would fit in my life, because I had to deal not only with career but to care for the child.

Well, we can confidently say that the plan Simpson worked: the singer got rid of too rounded shapes, returning former attraction:

During the second pregnancy I felt much more confident. When I drew Maxwell, never thought about being overweight, therefore, continued to constantly recruit him. The second time I did not commit such error.

Currently 33-year-old star pays a lot of attention to their diet and sport training:

I have a long term goal, I always think. Every week in my schedule necessarily there are four training, thanks to which I expect to reset even a few extra pounds. If not, I’m not upset, and again continue to go to the planned purpose. Until I have obtained all.

Most likely, Simpson intensified, not only because she felt uncomfortable in his own body, but the impending marriage, because every girl wants to look at the most important day in your life at 100. Good luck singer in her struggle with excess weight!

Джессика Симпсон
Jessica Simpson during the first pregnancy…

Джессика Симпсон
… and during the second

Джессика Симпсон
Jessica Simpson with her daughter Maxwell and сыной ACE

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