Джаред Падалеки стал отцом во второй раз

In mid-July, the star of the show “Supernatural” Jared Padalecki and his wife Дженевьева confirmed that await completion of the family. Now the actor through a social network reported that joyful event finally happened – he became a father for the second time.

My surprisingly strong wife last night at home gave birth to a happy and healthy boy.

But what is the name of celebrity parents had prepared for the baby, Паделаки not reported. However, the secret is just will not, because the actor shares with fans of the news of his life in Twitter.

Recall that Jared Паделаки married Дженевьеве Cortes in February 2010. After the wedding, she took her husband’s surname.

After a little more than a year after the official ceremony, the couple announced that awaits the firstborn. on 19 March 2012, the actor was born the son of Thomas Colton Padalecki.

Джаред Падалеки с женой Дженевьевой
Jared Padalecki with his wife Дженевьевой

Джаред Падалеки с женой Дженевьевой

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