All the ladies love to take care of themselves and in this they are well versed. In female beauty every detail is important, and pedicure never remain without attention. Beautiful and well-groomed feet with a sophisticated pedicure is the dream and goal of every fashionista.

Japanese socks is a talent Japanese, which helps take care of the beauty of legs. Smart Japanese are the pedantic and connoisseurs of naturalness. Therefore, in quality and naturalness of socks for a pedicure you can’t even doubt.

Initially, these socks were designed for people who suffer from the problems with the skin surface stop. And these people, in fact, there are about 85-95% of the total population. Subsequently, miracle socks were applied in a pedicure and cosmetology feet. And this application itself enormously justified.

Procedures with Japanese socks do not require time-consuming. That is, put on a pair of socks for one-two hours, and after just rinsed his feet with water and soap. A minimum of wasted time period and the maximum benefit in beauty care feet.

Cosmetic properties of socks are quite simple. In polyethylene Japanese socks filled the maximum useful and vitamin content. In the structure of the socks are purely natural and natural components:

  • Acid malic and extract from the roots of burdock;
  • Oil grapefruit juice and extract of brown algae;
  • Magnolia-vine and mylnjanki extract;
  • Orange oil and meadowsweet extract;
  • Camellia sinensis extract and drug nasturtium;
  • Extracts of calendula flowers and sage;
  • Extracts of chamomile and lemon;
  • Extract of ivy and clematis and horsetail.

Thanks to this rich composition Japanese socks pedicure are not only aesthetic effect, but healing.

Japanese socks and their advantages

Japanese development in the field pedicure has a number of advantages:

  • Incredible ease of use. Simply put Japanese socks, and the mechanism is running;
  • Result of efficiency sock noticeable after the first procedure;
  • The use of socks allows to get rid of the swelling, gives lightness and fatigue down;
  • Lost sweating of the feet. This is because during the procedure is the regulation of the sebaceous glands;
  • Improvement of blood and lymph flow in the legs, improving skin tissue;
  • The use of sock stimulates metabolic processes, slowing down the processes of ageing of a skin;
  • Anti-inflammatory effect on the entire organism;
  • Antifungal use and full prophylaxis of fungal diseases of the feet;
  • A significant increase in the elasticity and firmness of the skin;
  • Preventing excessive keratinization of the skin.

Judging from this is not a small list of advantages of the «miracle» of socks from Japanese manufacturers can only be judged on a positive impact on the state of legs.

The use of Japanese technology for pedicure

The use of the unique socks most lightweight. Just need to unlock special packing and try socks on his feet. Fear not, actually, it is natural painless procedure, which could bring only pleasure. In addition, worn on the legs socks in any way limit the life of the person.

That is, wearing Japanese tool on your feet you can do the required work. After the necessary time you just need to rinse your feet cool water, and wipe with a towel and do standard procedures, providing a home pedicure Japanese. By the way, methodology pedicure after using such medicinal socks will be much easier and more durable.

Frequently asked question: «is it Possible to re-use a single pair of Japanese funds for a pedicure? » No. One pair of socks can be used only once. Why? The fact is that all the useful and vitamin substances absorbed into the skin. That is, when re-using a socks therapeutic benefits they will not bear. And the sense in Japanese socks without the unique healing properties is not there.

Pedicure is usually done on a well-groomed and healthy feet. Therefore, Japanese socks is the perfect option to restore and replenish force themselves of the feet and nails. Because such rich in vitamin and healing composition has none, even the most fashionable, nourishing foot cream and pedicure.

Legs are part of the body which takes the maximum power for a full life. Therefore, care and concern for the health of the feet is very important and necessary for everyone, in particular to representatives of the beautiful half of mankind.

Japanese socks at home use

Development of the Japanese in the field of cosmetology is so unique and convenient, that the use of socks for pedicure is very important for home use. Thanks to such innovations, as the Japanese socks, Japanese pedicure has become not only famous in Japan procedure beauty care feet, but an easy and enjoyable process in Russia.

Buy Japanese socks pedicure can easily be specialized in cosmetic stores. Do not look for benefits and to throw at the beautiful advertising, which offers to buy a natural product from Japan for quite a low price. It is important to understand that a natural product, which consists of only natural components of the cost.

Choosing cosmetics and attributes of her body care, you should carefully study the information provided about the product. Beauty and health are not given with the ease and cheapness. A quality personal care will require no small cost.


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