ванночка японский педикюр фотоPopular Japanese pedicure is fairly effective system of care for natural nails, which promotes nutrition, strengthening and growth of the nail plate. Japanese pedicure also recommended after removal of artificial nails, if natural nails need intensive rehabilitation. Using this type of pedicure, you can align the relief of the skin, restore damaged nails and mitigate the corns.

Based Japanese pedicure on the use of a large number of natural ingredients. The main part of this pedicure is polishing the nails.

японский педикюр кутикула фото

To nails breathe, should apply a special way with cucumber extract. Then, using the gel-scrub, be treated nails to the cuticle of the same should apply the product, which is made of the mineral base.

The next stage of the procedure are the baths for the feet, after the adoption of which it is necessary again to handle the cuticle. Further, to eliminate the irregularities, should conduct a grinding nails using rice block.

After that the nails put a polishing powder, made on the basis of beeswax. To slow the growth of cuticles, it is recommended to apply the oil Lotus.

японский педикюр масло лотоса фото

For treatment of feet, especially their hardened sections, used размягчитель that contains citrus essential oil. The following stage – processing stop scrubbing, which is located in the lemon oil. The remains of not впитавшегося oil must be removed warm cloth. Ends the procedure for the implementation of the Japanese pedicure masks made of Oriental herbs, and then massage. In any case, at any state of the nail plate, on its surface you want to put a medical basis.

You cannot compare Japanese pedicure with any other, because it consists of several consecutive procedures and after them women get the feeling that she was born again.

японский педикюр массаж ног фото

Japanese pedicure gives not only the aesthetic beauty, he makes his feet healthier and younger. The procedure of about an hour, but because it is extremely enjoyable, lost time absolutely not be sorry and to relax and enjoy.

If to spend approximately five procedures Japanese pedicure, restore, you can even very damaged and broken nails.

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