Джейк Гилленхол пострадал на съемках ленты "Стрингер"

Wednesday morning Jake Гилленхол was hospitalised in one of hospitals of Los Angeles with a strong cut hands. According to Western media, an unpleasant incident occurred on the set of the movie “Stringer” (Nightcrawler).

According to the source, the actor is so accustomed to the role that has lost control while filming one scene:

The plot of his character was supposed to stand in front of a mirror and look into it, then he must be in a rage hit it…. the Mirror is broken, Jack cut himself badly, so he had to be sent to the hospital.

As reported by the informant, the shooting took place is very hard Jake spent on the Sands one hour, and the scene itself was very tense.

The representative of Гилленхола also confirmed that appears in the media news:

Unfortunately, Jake really broke the mirror and greatly cut my hand. Doctors had to put a few stitches, after which he was released from the hospital.

The man also hastened to reassure fans of the actor, saying that the star is in perfect order:

With it, the same evening he returned to the set.

We hope that in future Гилленхол will be very careful and will not scare her fans!

Джейк Гилленхол
Jake Гилленхол

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