Because pregnancy is changing not only the internal state of a woman, but her appearance, many mothers lose faith in their appeal. Hence the desire to make themselves better with a manicure. But how is this useful?

Pregnancy is always a joyous event. But along with this event may cause the woman panic. Most often stressful moments arise because of dissatisfaction with pregnant with their appearance. And this is understandable because of the perfect body, nothing remains, but on the face often appear dark spots. And even such a harmless thing as colorful manicure, questionable.

Recently about the use of nail Polish during pregnancy is a lot of discussion and dispute. But none of them finally decide, is it harmful to pregnant paint my nails. As in hundreds of other debate, there is a «for» and «against». Therefore, each future mother has the right to choose whether she will paint my nails, being «in»or not.

Use of varnish during pregnancy adversely affects the health of the mother and the unborn baby. The negative effect of this cosmetic products provide some of the components that it contains. For example, formaldehyde – a substance that is added in lucky to provide sufficient viscosity guarantee great bunch to the nail plate. Since this component is not very pleasant smell, it can provoke severe headaches. Many women (during lacquering) noticed increased heartbeat. This is also a consequence of exposure to formaldehyde. In some cases, this component can affect the Central nervous system of a person. Such an impact vulnerable to those who often uses lacquer with formaldehyde. If a pregnant constantly uses paint nail, which includes this component, it is likely that the child will be born with abnormalities, anomalies in the development or prone to allergies, because formaldehyde significantly reduces the immunity of the fetus.

Another reason that explains why pregnant women are not paint nails – is the content of the Lak of camphor. This component also known as essential oil, which is highly volatile. This feature allows camphor through the air to penetrate into the respiratory tract mother, where pairs of this component are in all cells of the body. Camphor can cause irreparable harm to the body of an unborn child and his mother. Those pregnant women who systematically use lucky with that component, run the risk of losing a child, as camphor causes tone uterus, which entails a heavy bleeding and the threat of miscarriage.

Another component that can harm the pregnant woman and the developing foetus is toluene. In varnishes it is used as an element that promotes fast drying of manicure. But he is also able to penetrate into the organism of the mother through the air that is harmful not only for her body, but also for the development of the unborn child. And, like camphor, toluene may cause tone uterus. Considering all possible risks and dangers pregnant woman and her baby, paint my nails during pregnancy is not recommended. But what to do if there is the need to bring the nails in order?

First, you could use the common manicure and pedicure without the use of paints. So, quality procedure the wizard much safer and looks like this manicure naturally. Well, if a pregnant wants to make your life bright colors, then you need to carefully choose the varnish, which included no toluene, no formaldehyde, nor camphor. Do not use cheap varnishes. Their low price does not guarantee a high quality, even if these harmful substances are not indicated on the bottle. On the contrary, this fact should be alerted, because unscrupulous manufacturers are worried only about his rake-off, to the neglect of women’s health and future generations. Although, inflated prices also are not a guarantee of good quality (the exception is considered proven brand) . One solution: use only the Lac, whose composition is very well understood.

It is also important to pay attention to the composition of liquids, which are used for the removal of the lacquer coating with nails. It is recommended to choose tools that do not contain acetone, because this component is very toxic. In the composition of a good tool for removing the varnish should be such substances and vitamins, calcium, keratin, and oils nourish the nail plate and provide additional care.

Based on the foregoing, we conclude that the health of the mother and baby more expensive than a beautiful and colourful manicure. Therefore, the correct choice is not at the time of varnish or use them very rarely.


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