ладанSince ancient times, the fragrance of incense is used during many religious ceremonies and special festive events. Some experts argue that the resin extracted from the trunk of a tree Босвелия contains substances with anti-inflammatory properties. Incense has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine, and now for the first time seriously interested in scientific medicine.


The healing effect of incense

Recently conducted research which studied the healing properties of incense. Studies have been able to show that the acid contained in the resin of the tree Босвелия, can intervene in the inflammatory process. Incense is now recognized as a unique means of treatment of such diseases as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and atopic dermatitis. The study also found anticancer properties of incense, along with its anti-inflammatory properties.


Natural remedy for treatment of wounds

The powder of the dry resin – common ingredient in herbal pastes used in the treatment of wounds. One of the research conducted by Israeli experts, indicates that изолат of resin incense reduced neurological consequences of injuries.

This resin is used for millennia in the Middle East to maintain oral health. It is used to treat infections of the teeth and gums. This is understandable as oil incense is a good antiseptic and disinfectant substance; only its fumes kill microbes. Oil incense can also be applied to the wound to prevent the development of tetanus infection.


That makes the oil incense so special

Astringent properties of the oil, incense contribute to the strengthening of gums, roots hair, tone the skin and help to stop the blood for wounds and cuts. It is used for the treatment of boils, acne, insect bites. It also helps reduce scarring from acne, chicken pox and boils. In addition, it can be used as откашливающего means of bringing the sputum from the respiratory tract and lungs, making it easier to breath in bronchitis.

For those looking to tone respiratory, digestive, excretory and nervous system of the body, oil, incense will be a good choice.

It is well known sedative effects of frankincense oil, so it is good for the nervous system.


Essential oils incense

In aromatherapy essential oil incense typically is used to treat the following diseases:

  • acne
  • anxiety
  • asthma
  • bronchitis
  • cold
  • cough
  • indigestion
  • ulcers

Essential oil of incense is also used to reduce stress and pain relief.

Essential oil of incense is used as an ingredient in skin care products, because it is believed that it helps with dry skin, reduces the signs aging and also improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks.


External application of frankincense oil

To set the mood for good helps a few drops of oil, incense, which can be used as a perfume. Oil incense is used in skin care products because of its ability to reduce existing wrinkles and prevent the emergence of new.

To get rid of skin itching, apply a few drops of incense on the damaged site. RUB the sick joints to ease the pain for injuries and arthritis. Cuts and scratches put a drop for disinfection. For wart removal apply at her incense oil a couple of times a day, and be patient; it may take several weeks before you see the desired result.

Colds oil incense is used for flavoring premises, it can help relieve breathing difficulties. As for the internal use of the oil, incense, here you need to consult with a physician. This is a very powerful and strong oil, so it is necessary to use only pure oil, and to follow the exact dosage.

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