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У детей из вирусного новостного выпуска BBC появилось собственное шоу

Robert Kelly and his children

Children of Professor Robert Kelly, who became an unplanned heroes TV news is BBC and an Internet sensation, reasserted itself. 4-year-old Marion, and 8-month-old James were the prototypes of the characters from the new animated project about the adventures of the Mines and Jack.

Recall that in March, Professor Robert Kelly was invited by the channel to comment on the political situation in South Korea, news live expert released a video from home. At the time of the discussion agenda in the room suddenly entered his little children, and behind them ran into their mother. This news became viral, gathering a huge number of views and responses in the network. After the surging popularity of the family the BBC invited all its members to the press conference, and now Marion and Jack have become the heroes of their own TV show.

In the first episode “the adventure of the Mines and Jack” (The Adventures of Mina and Jack) painted children follow their father in South Africa and try to help him in his work: they manage to slip away from the hotel, take an elephant ride to visit the market and the press conference of UN representatives.

Robert Kelly and his wife with humor embraced the idea of creating such a series and endorsed it:

It was nice. My wife and I were laughing. They made me look quite silly,‘said Professor Kelly.

Роберт Келли с женой и детьми
Robert Kelly with his wife and children

Роберт Келли с женой и детьми

Кадр из первого эпизода "Приключений Мины и Джека"
A scene from the first episode “the adventure of the Mines and Jack”

Кадр из первого эпизода "Приключений Мины и Джека"
A frame from the video

Photo Stills from video

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