For many people, this method is still unfamiliar and therefore relative to its wide application of a number of questions. One of them – can I install implants pregnant women? For them, this problem is especially acute, as during pregnancy teeth are considered the most vulnerable place due to the fact that the developing fetus is actively consumes with the parent body fluoride and calcium.

Санация перед имплантациейBefore conducting the procedure of implantation carried out by many of the clinic, you should sanitize the oral cavity, treat caries, if curing is impossible to delete the patients teeth, get rid of dental plaque.

As a rule, a woman who is preparing to become a mother, in advance visits a doctor and tries to solve the dental problems. After teeth removed, after the healing of bone tissue implantation is carried out. After holding her for some period will have to take antibiotics, many of which during pregnancy contraindicated. Why risk the health of the future child is not worth it. If artificial roots приживлялись before pregnancy, setting them crowns is not considered a traumatic operation, and contraindications to carrying it out there.

Кровоточивость десен и имплантация зубовAnother factor which disrupt the implantation are hormonal characteristics of the female body in this period. They can be a cause of increased bleeding gums, which is called the action of the hormone progesterone. Therefore, pregnancy is not the best time for healing of implants.

When it is better to schedule a visit to the doctor, and do implantation, more information you can find at An important factor for the future mother is a stay in a good mood, peace of mind. Dental surgery may lead to stress, that the extremely negative way may affect the health of the pregnant and the fetus.

Therefore, in such a crucial time is better to refrain from implantation. After the birth for a period of time there is restoration and rebuilding of organism, and implants survive bad, and the use of strong medicines undesirable in the period of breast-feeding.

After delivery a time will pass, and a young mother will be able to restore health and a beautiful smile.

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