Treatment exfoliating nails need to conduct integrated approach to care for your hands and take a complex of vitamins and minerals. There are several ways that help improve the nails and the lead hand in order.

If the nails are constantly breaking and splitting that does not allow for a manicure and spoils the view of hands, so the human body is the problem. Exfoliating and constantly breaking nails indicate some disease or disorder of metabolic processes.

It is desirable to carefully look at the nail plates, any changes to the colors, patterns and shapes nails point to specific health problems. If the surface of the nail formed a small hollows, which are visible at light, probably, that the person has a hidden form of psoriasis. If nails without coatings have a bluish tint so disturbed blood circulation in the body and some authorities have anoxia. This also affects the power of the nail plates and contributes to their fragility and delamination.

Yellow nails, which produce seals and thickening of the signal about a fungus, which urgently need to get rid of. If you do not assign an appropriate treatment, nail will look ugly and repulsive. If exfoliate nails and on their surface there are white spots, then the person is experiencing a shortage of calcium or zinc.

Often nail problems arise on a background of dysfunction or hyperthyroidism. To prevent certain diseases or to timely diagnosed, it is desirable to pass a medical check and identify the cause of breakage or change the appearance of the nails.

Also peeling nails and their fragility is called almost all types of household chemistry, containing corrosive substances. All domestic work associated with the Laundry, cleaning and cleaning the premises is desirable to conduct gloves. This protects the skin of hands and nails from damage and aging. Another brittle nails affect cosmetic preparations, which are used for manicure. Cheap varnishes, liquid for removal of enamel with the content of acetone also negatively affects the appearance and health of your nails.

There are several methods and recipes which will help to return nails fortress and hand skin smooth and silky. The first thing to learn to do is to properly care for your nails. Grooming nail dull or too thick scissors can cause mikrotreschinki on the nail plate, which in contact with water dilate and thereby contribute to the detachment. Cut your nails need to thin and sharp nail scissors.

After the haircut it is desirable to process saw the edge of the nail to buff microcracks. The file should be fine, it is advisable not to use a metal device. If a woman constantly covers nails with a thick layer of varnish, under which not get oxygen, it can also provoke stratification of the nail. So you need to periodically take cover from the nails and do the special baths and massage for strengthening.

For those who don’t know what to do, if exfoliate nails, there are recipes of folk medicine. The included components are only natural origin. For example, is an effective remedy compress on the night, which can be made from olive oil and lemon juice. For the preparation of therapeutic and nutrient mixture need a tablespoon of oil and twenty drops of juice of lemon.

These ingredients you need to mix and massage movements to RUB in the nail plate. After that, you cannot do any work and the more wet hands. It is advisable to wear cotton gloves to enhance the therapeutic effect. To do this nourishing mask for nail better at night, several hours oil with lemon be absorbed into the skin and nails. To improve the handle is desirable to make compresses on the night of ten consecutive days.

Also helping to strengthen and revitalize the nails baths with broth of a bark of an oak. Tanning substances contained in natural component restore the structure of nails and give them a fortress. Two tablespoons of oak bark to pour a Cup of boiling water and let the mixture stand. After the water has cooled a little and will not burn the skin, you need to immerse in her fingers and hold for about twenty minutes. The only flaw of this medical procedure is that the nails and skin of the fingers can be painted in yellow. To get rid of yellowness after the bath you can handle the hands with natural lemon juice.

Another natural product that since ancient times known for their healing properties – beeswax. Using this component, you can effectively improve the nails and give them hardness and strength. For this you need to melt a small amount of wax and dip your fingers in a warm substance. Keep your hands in wax need not less than fifteen minutes. Bee product seals all cracks and peeling of the nails and the healing effect is visible already after the first application. Also the nails become Shine.

To improve the health of your nails can cook a very special compress: mix the oil with strong broth of green tea in equal proportions. You can use olive oil, canola oil or sunflower oil. Once the ingredients are mixed, take a cotton swab and soak them in the mixture. Next, each nail, it is advisable to wrap in a cotton swab with healing tool and put on top of a glove. You can do this procedure for the night, thereby increasing the impact of the oil and green tea on the nail. If you sleep in gloves uncomfortable, this procedure can be done during the day. It is desirable to compress remained in the hands of more hours.

Before you start doing treatments for fragile and слоящимися nails, it is desirable to find out the cause of their degradation. It is possible that treatment for hands will combine with the treatment of any disease.

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