как использовать сыворотку для лицаOf course, we all heard a lot about serum for face, saw her in the Windows of beauty shops and products of personal hygiene, but many don’t know how to use it. Anti-aging, moisturizing cleanser which serum to choose and how to use the serum for the face depending on the needs of your skin?


Additional skin care

The word “serum” was not chosen by chance, this applies mainly to the concentration of the active ingredients in the product. In fact, the serum has the same name as it is much concentrated in active ingredients than a cream.

Face serum is used daily as a complement to the usual day and night creams. It also helps to restore the skin balance in cases of stress, fatigue or change of season.

Whey is the liquid texture can be represented in the form of a water gel, an oily gel or texture of a milky color. It focuses on the particular problem of skin dehydration, blemishes, redness, and so on.


Why use a face serum?

  • To fill the need of your skin.
  • To enhance the effect of the daily means.
  • To enjoy liquid texture that holds on the face.


How to apply face serum.

Serum is a facial cleanser that is applied between cleansing and day cream. The serum does not replace the day cream, if only in the intense heat.

  • Applied morning serum ensures your skin until the evening, maximizes the effect of your funds and better prepares the skin for makeup application.
  • If you have a choice between morning and evening, stop for the night. During sleep, the serum activates cell renewal, and in the morning you will get the maximum result.
  • Morning and evening: to alternate between the fun and action of various serums for face. For example, serum from redness in the morning, to the makeup stayed on all day. Moisturizing or anti-aging serum in the evening to nourish the skin at night.


At what age can you use a serum for the face

At what age should you start to use the serum? It all depends on her actions and your lifestyle. Hydrating serum suitable for any skin type, regardless of age.

Anti-aging serum is recommended to use aged about 35 years, maybe sooner if you smoke, sleep a little or take hard drugs. Firming serum is aimed at the age of 50 years for the sagging of facial contours and aging skin in the neck area.

Due to its light and fluid texture, this serum quickly absorbs into the skin. For the application of cosmetic serum that contains a huge number of active components, quite a few drops. Apply the serum with light strokes. Don’t press too hard and stretch the skin.

Real concentrated anti-aging serum with moisturizing ingredients, you can start to use 30 years as a Supplement to the day and night cream. Its composition should include:

  • Water. It represents more than 90% of serum. Some so-called “buttery” serum contain vegetable oils, which are sometimes complemented with silicone.
  • Moisturizing components. The primary objective of the serum – skin hydration to preserve the integrity of its skin barrier and maintain water in the tissues. Components must dissolve in the aqueous phase: hyaluronic acid, glycerin, urea, polysaccharides (sugars), proteins.
  • Anti-aging ingredients. Retinol, peptides or vitamin C have anti-aging function. Yeast extract or seaweed helps to fight sagging skin by stimulating the fibroblasts. Licorice extract and vitamin C derivative to eliminate dark spots.
  • Antioxidants (vitamin C) that block the damaging effects of free radicals in skin cells. Plant extracts, polyphenols, flavonoids and resveratrol are powerful tools against free radicals.
  • Gelling means strengthen a formula consisting, as a rule, out of the water.
  • Solvents that facilitate the penetration of active ingredients into the lipid film of the skin.


The choice of serum

The choice of serum for the face depends on the needs of your skin.

  • Serum to hydrate the face: Double Sérum Traitement Complet Anti-Age Intensif from Clarins delivers undeniable comfort thanks to its creamy texture. The skin is moisturized and radiant. Serum permeates into skin instantly, so you can immediately apply makeup.
  • Mattifying serum: Skin Mat by Darphin ideal for oily and combination skin. Serum regulates the excess fat of the forehead, nose, chin and reduces the effect of Shine.
  • Anti-aging serum: Or, je suis Odile Lecoin d smoothes the skin thanks to silk proteins.
  • The serum adds Shine to the face: ByTerry Cellularose Brightning Sérum with a silky texture and easy to apply. As a result, stains are less visible, uniform and radiant skin color.
  • Serum that corrects imperfections in the skin-Pore Refining Solutions Sérum Affinant Lissant from Clinique visibly tightens pores and makes the skin smooth and silky. Serum contains no fragrance and suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Night serum: Sérum Nuit à l Immortelle from Fleurance Nature has a cleansing and oxygenating action. In the morning the skin radiant and more elastic.
  • Bi-Sérum Intensif Anti-Soif meets the needs obuhvaceno skin. It should not be used alone, with cream. With regular use, the serum provides intense and long-lasting effect. It can be applied day and/or evening to protect the skin from cold or moisten the skin under the sun. This serum is also suitable for very dry skin.
  • For combination skin suitable moisture serum intense hydratation L aquasérum from Florame gel transparent texture and juices of aloe Vera, Fig and Ginkgo biloba. Tool quickly penetrates into the skin, repels free radicals and nourishes the skin with its complex of essential oils DermaStress-Protection.
  • When the cold weather to combination skin serum developed by L équilibre aromasérum absolu from Florame. Buttery non-greasy texture rich in jojoba oil and hazelnut easily penetrates the skin, repels free radicals and nourishes the skin with its complex of essential oils DermaStress-Protection.
  • For dry skin the company Florame offers L aromasérum régénérant extrême with a buttery texture is rich in nourishing oil and borage garðar. The tool perfectly penetrates into dry skin, repels free radicals and nourishes the skin with its complex of essential oils DermaStress-Protection.
  • If you are 40-55 years old and the skin and you skin is mixed type, you consider Le sérum précieux from Plante system. Transparent gel texture is rich in antarcticine supports hydration of the skin, and Edelweiss extract stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The presence of hyaluronic acid ensures a smoother skin and a more vivid color of the face.
  • For dry skin, aged 40-55 years, suitable serum Le sérum régénérant from Melvita. A creamy texture rich in jojoba oil, argan, Centella asiatica, lavender and Clary rose smooth wrinkles and firm the skin.
  • For those who are over 55 years of age, it is recommended that serum Le sérum raffermissant à la grenade from the company Weleda. Subtle, non-greasy and transparent texture. This tool is rich in antioxidant extracts of pomegranate and millet, moisturizes, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and tightens the skin and the face oval. Whey is not very nutritious, so it is better to combine with good cream for dry skin.

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