как пользоваться сывороткой для лицаWhey is a tool that is applied after cleansing and before applying day cream. As for texture, the serum is much lighter than cream. It is a concentrate of active substances, which contains much more active molecules than the cream. How to use face serum to your skin always remained young and well-groomed?


How does the serum on the face

Due to the liquid texture and non-greasy serum quickly penetrates through the different layers of the skin. The serum helps to eliminate skin problems and heals the affected area or a specific problem. It also allows you to get rid of wrinkles or moisturized skin.


How to apply serum

как наносить сывороткуFace serum is a highly concentrated cosmetic product most often in liquid form. Apply to fingertips one or two drops of serum and spread on clean skin. Many believe that a serum can replace a moisturizer. However, it is not. The serum acts as an additional means for skin care. The serum is aimed at filling one only needs, like cell regeneration, radiant complexion. Thus, the cream eliminates Shine combination skin, but may not be enough moisturizing. This lack can be filled with serum, which is perfectly moisturizes the skin.

Serum significantly increases the effect of the cream. Moisturizing cream is applied approximately 1-21 minutes after the serum, once absorbed into the skin.

In the case of the serum can be applied in the evening, without subsequent use of a night cream. In this case we are talking about the serum that corrects imperfections and blemishes, for example.

A hydrating serum can be applied morning and evening, but always on clean skin. To strengthen the effect and improve the absorption before applying serums spray the face thermal water. Despite its properties, the serum is used as Supplement remedy to restore or protect the skin barrier on the surface. It can be used as the basis for the makeup or padding BB or CC cream.

Anyway, think of the serum as mineral water to enhance its properties, it is necessary to change the tool. One tool you can use within 1-3 months. After you need to change the formula, means, returning later to your preferred serum.


Who should use the serum for the face

Start using a hydrating serum is possible in the following cases:

  • young skin is exposed to damage by reason of the treatment with a drying means;
  • men to soothe irritation after shaving;
  • since 30 years to fight wrinkles and dehydration, as well as for anti-aging prevention;
  • when Mature the skin for a more radiant tone and more elastic skin;
  • skin with redness to calm irritation;
  • prolonged exposure under the sunlight.

And to avoid the negative consequences of the environment: cold, wind, sun, pollution, city, mountains, the sea, the plane.


The stages of applying the serum on the face

этапы нанесения сыворотки на лицоRemove makeup and clean the skin. Serum to better penetrate the skin, clean it with a cleanser depending on your skin type, exfoliating or purifying mask. Rinse and gently Pat skin with a towel so as not to damage it.

Most often serum is sold in the form of a bottle with a pump or pipette, to be able to get a few drops when using. The minimum dose of this concentrated funds would be sufficient. It is advisable to keep serum in the palm of your hand, so it does not flowed through the fingers.

Apply the serum with fingertips and not with a cotton pad. Start with the main areas of the face such as the forehead, cheeks and chin, then lightly Pat to help the serum to absorb into problem areas. For example, if you use anti-aging serum, gently massage wrinkles.

It is necessary to wait a few minutes for the serum to fully absorbed into the skin, then apply moisturizer. In fact, the serum acts in the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Serum, rich in active ingredients, complemented by a classic moisturizer. So don’t forget to apply a moisturizer depending on your skin needs.

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