Как правильно лечить ангинуHello.

Cause of sore throat is a strep infection, which is activated in the throat after the weakening of the immunity of drinking a cold drink. From the beginning of the development of Streptococcus to the disease, as a rule, it takes a couple of days. The disease appears when a person begins to feel the weakness, tremor, headache, and when swallowing, and sore throat.

A sore throat is always accompanied by high temperature, rising during the chills. It is worth remembering that the angina is not transferred to your feet – you must have strict bed rest.

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At high temperature moisture from the skin surface evaporates very much. Therefore, a sick person needs a large amount of fluid. It will help not only to prevent dehydration, but will charge intoxication, and also to some extent reduce the temperature. Drinking can be arranged in the form of некислых juices (acidic will contribute to irritation, and so inflamed mucous). To facilitate the patient’s condition, you can give him to drink berry or fruit kissel. He is quite viscous, and will contribute to обволакиванию inflamed throat, thereby reducing pain. The patient should consume soft foods, excluding spices and sharp spices.

Treat angina should throat gargle, using herbal teas: calendula, chamomile and sage. Grass relieve pain and help fight infection. The throat is to gargle often – the interval between gargle should be no more than two hours.

High temperature

The temperature will be high during the week. However, we should not strive to immediately shoot down if it is above the level of 38. The exception may be ill children, as well as people who have diseases of the vascular and cardiac systems.

For controlling temperature, there are many drugs presented syrups, tablets or ректальными candles. When little effectiveness of these drugs, you may try the patient on the forehead attach a handkerchief soaked in cold water. Me to bundle him for the patient and have him drink hot tea impossible – it can lead to sweating and temperature reduction, and loss of consciousness from overheating. Warm throat the patient is possible only after the normalization of temperature.

Angina, with all its attendant symptoms can be very stressful even the most persistent. Therefore, it is important to be patient in the treatment of the sick with tonsillitis person.

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