Actually the task is not difficult, but it is important to learn a few important nuances and be able to apply them in practice, observing a particular sequence of action. And the first thing you should learn, thinking about how to simulate the nails, the rules for preparing the nail plate under accretion.

There are several methods how to model the gel nails, among which are the increase on the special paper form and tips (truncated patch nail), but regardless of their choice, it is necessary to carefully handle the nail surface, otherwise the polymer will quickly flake off and have unpresentable appearance. So the first thing you need to do, preparing the nails under the simulation is to treat the skin with any antiseptic spray, brush cosmetic oil dead skin cuticle and periungual rollers, remove all unnecessary orange stick and filing the free edge of the plate, the material was easier to lie down. The next stage would involve degreasing the surface of the nail, otherwise the polymer will be peeling off soon after compounding. This procedure involves two steps: removing the top glossy layer of the nail with baycom and/or processing of the entire area with a special product alcohol-based.

Once nails are prepared, and all the dust from sanding is eliminated, you can begin applying the base coat adhesive, acid-free, gel, needed to ensure better adhesion of the surface of the nail caused him further polymer. Apply this gel should be with extreme caution, taking care that it did not flow in lateral sinuses of the nail plate, closely bordering on the periungual skin folds. This layer should be dried in the UV lamp for two minutes, then proceed to the installation of paper on the sticky base, which is adjusted for the remaining free edge of the nail plate. Then you can proceed to the modeling of the new free edge, using sculptural camouflage gels or pastel (usually it is pink and beige), imitating the natural color of the nail bed.

Alternatively, you can use transparent camouflage sculpturing and toning gels, applying them in two stages, not forgetting the drying of each layer, the average duration of which should be about two minutes. Beginners should use a self-leveling gels, although it is possible to eliminate all the defects and using shlifovannoj abrasive nail file (grit 100 to 100). So, after finishing drying, you should give the free edge of the nail a new form, after which the entire surface is degreased and filing. However, do not forget to remove the sticky dispersion layer which is formed on the surface of the nail after each drying in the lamp. The obtained database can be used as the basis for artistic painting, modeling, and French fashion in recent years, moon manicure, and any other variants of nail design, including modeling and superimposition of various kinds of decorative items.

If we are talking about the classic French manicure, then take the free edge of the plate is recommended white gel, making it in two stages, with mandatory intermediate and finish drying with a duration of two minutes for each of them. After the last drying, you should not remove the resulting sticky dispersion layer, as it will overlap with a transparent top.

Apply the finish as thinly as possible, it is recommended that the finished job was neat, despite the fact that it is necessary to place special emphasis not only in the lower part of the nail bed, but the free edge. The next stage involves drying in a UV lamp, which also lasts no longer than two minutes, on what the modeling procedure can be considered finished.

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