Stress, poor nutrition and unhealthy habits, you want it or not, affect the structure and condition of your hair. Restore the beauty of curls you can stop Smoking and alcohol, going to the rich in vitamins and minerals to the diet, in General, changing lifestyle. And, of course, except purchased shampoos and conditioners, nice treat head by natural means.

An important role in maintaining the health of the hair plays Biotin, regulates lipid and protein metabolism. Provide the body with the vitamin can be added to the diet of foods such as liver, cauliflower, nuts, eggs, spinach and tomatoes. To avoid early graying, eat dairy products, grain sprouts, beans, green vegetables. If, despite all efforts, zinc, magnesium, tyrosine, vitamin B12 and calcium hair is still not enough, you can buy vitamin-mineral complex in the pharmacy.

Wash your hair can be as dry and wet way. For dry washing best rice flour. Rubbing her head, and then carefully brushing. Instead of shampoo can be traditionally use egg yolk, or apply an exotic tool is a mixture of honey and mummy, which usually benefit from China, which have very beautiful hair. Very useful rinse hair after washing variety of broths. In England, it is customary to do water and salt, in Italy – decoction of the roots nettle family, and Cuba – rosemary broth. No matter how you washed my hair, as a rule, a few hours after washing to walk with her hair.

Author: Maria Lukina

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