Every day nail art, art image on the nails of different patterns and drawings, is becoming more popular. Contrary to popular belief, it is available not only to professionals.

Any girl can make a unique pattern on your nails. This needs only a little practice and patience. You must try to begin with the most simple drawings. This would fill the hand and then go on to more complex compositions. The easiest way to master this art will be those who know how to draw. However, even if this skill is developed enough, do not worry, because each girl can easily and quickly can learn.

Getting started drawing on the nails, you should first review the available varnishes. The more, the better, because then there is a lot of variants of different color options. If the varnish is not enough to purchase them. The need to pay attention to their quality. Drawing made a good varnish, will last much longer. To perform patterns in the home, can be useful and acrylic paints. They are very easy to use, durable, and are less expensive set of good varnishes. In addition to form different patterns may need rhinestones, sequins, etc. They can add to the picture and make it brighter.

Also need a set of needles from very thin, to the widest possible. First, it will be convenient to draw a variety of thin patterns, the second – to make filling and thick lines. Afterwards can be left in its Arsenal 3-4 most convenient tool. Additionally, you may need to thin brushes (hard and soft) , which can be purchased at the art store.

Instead of the above mentioned can buy a special set for manicure. There are a variety of tools and brushes, which will significantly expand the scope for creativity. Also during operation will be very useful cotton swabs and means of varnish remover. With their help you can easily correct their errors.

When preparing a site for work need to worry about the quality lighting. Otherwise eyes will quickly get tired and draw nothing like. When everything is ready, you need to carefully explore the nails. Of course the ideal manicure is not required, but nail plates must be clean and neat. If there is a need to correct them with saws.

Homemade pictures on the nails are performed according to the following technology. You must first apply the background layer of varnish. When it dries necessary to put down on the nail varnish drops a different color in order to connecting them with a needle, the picture came out. The main thing is not to push too much, otherwise you can damage the nail. Connect droplets need until they had time to dry. When everything is ready, from above it is possible to put a protective layer of transparent varnish. You can then Supplement the figure crystals or flakes, which will give the image originality. The final step was to apply the anchor of varnish and drying nail.

That figure was maintained as long as possible, every 2-3 days to put the nails another layer of transparent varnish. Thus will be supported Shine and the pattern remains as bright as the first day. If you work at home, you need to pay extra attention to the protection of the nail from the effects of chemical detergents. They adversely affect the painted surfaces.

Nail art with the use of needles, assumes the existence of varnish and lacquer, which form the picture. The idea for the pattern, you can think of yourself or take from the Internet. Benefit currently, there you can find many ideas for this kind of creativity, including various pictures on the nails for beginners. The most common of these is a variety of feathers, leaves, flowers.

If the art of nail art seriously interested, you can visit special courses manicure for beginners. Skilled masters will show and tell about the various techniques of applying patterns, will share their professional secrets. Such lessons, without any doubt, will be able to replace many years of practice. Having received the necessary skills, you can create the nails are real masterpieces, envy which all friends.

The most difficult thing in the nail-art – paint «uncomfortable» hand. For example, handed people will be very difficult to draw the left hand. In this regard, it is very easy to make patterns were identical for all the nails. Therefore, you should begin with the most simple drawings, such as the users of points located in the series, or form any shape. Looks very nice rainbow, when the nail just covered with a smooth colored stripes varnishes. From above you can cover composition containing sequins to get the glow.

A special place nail art can take to owners of short nails. Make them bright and attractive much harder than long graft nails. Therefore, the images can take a Central place in registration of manicure and make the hands of the more well-groomed. Owner of the short nails need to pay special attention to the choice of the pattern and its placement. He should be simple, no frills, which can make it look like a sloppy appearance. At first glance achieve spectacular manicure on short nails problematic, however, after some practice, this can be done without much effort.

See, that is how to put pictures on the nails, no big deal. This can have any girl. The main thing in the nail-art of patience. Just a couple of days of practice and drawings will be obtained in no worse than in nail salons.


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