Every woman dreams about the chic volume of her hair. Magnificent hair attract attention to the woman, make her more confident and sexier, emphasize its beauty. If by nature you are not very thick and lush hair or you just want to add more volume, these tips will help you.

Шампуни для объема1. Buy cosmetics (shampoos, masks and conditioners) to create the surround effects. Today on the shelves of stores offering a wide range of tools for volume and improvement of hair, you will easily find appropriate. So, it proved professional cosmetics Schwarzkopf Professional. In the line of this manufacturer, you can find the series as to give volume and hair restoration.

2. If you do not change the location of the parting, the curls will not keep the volume and the rise in the roots, so try not to wear always one and the same instrument. Change it from time to time – hair roots will become more elaborate.

3. Apply various laying hair products, for example from series OSIS on a lightly damp curls and dried with a hair dryer to enhance their effect. Drying better in this case against the hair growth, warm air direct constantly in different directions.

Гели для волос утяжеляют их4. If you have a light and thin hair, do not buy styling gels and waxes. Such funds aggravate them, make them dull. For this, by the way is very common, type of hair is recommended to use paints and sprays to direct a jet necessary in the upward direction.

5. Your hair will be thicker and bigger with more frequent washing of the head. Thin, light hair much faster polluted than dense and thick, so wash your hair more often.

6. Do not overload hair cosmetic means, when buying a read composition on the package: it should максимальо safe and natural ingredients, preferably without lauryl sulphate (see an article about the SLS). It is always better to use light funds both in content and consistency.

7. You can try to do in the cabin of the highlights. In this procedure, the strands little change their structure, which leads to retain size and splendor.

Диффузор для сушки волос8. Use at to drying hair diffuser. He would make them more voluminous will give splendor, and you get in the end of the elegant and gentle curls.

9. On the night of the tie hair in a ponytail on top. In the morning you get voluminous hair, who will be careful to rise at the roots.

10. Chic volume turns out if to pull hair. Especially good are wide curler. Screw them after a light drying Hairdryer and secure varnish for the commit. By the way, this page you can read about what are curlers and how they choose to different hairstyles.

11. When drying hair, use a round brush which lay strands turns: first, ends on the inside, then out. Hairstyle will be much more elaborate. Another technique is to drying raise strands, and at the roots sbryzgivat spray.

These simple tips will help even the owners of the weak and thin hair easily increase the volume of hairstyles.

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