Nail gel, acrylic, Biogel and shellac has already become a popular procedure, which allows you to achieve a perfect and original manicure just a few hours.

When using the gel to build model form and length of the nail help form or tips. Form is a special disposable stencils of adhesive papers which have the markup. Work with the forms much easier master himself puts length and shape of a French manicure. With tips, who already have a particular shape and length, work a little harder. The wizard should find the tips that are ideally suited to the width and shape of the natural nail.

Tips are made of acrylic polymer. They have the most different color, thickness, the shape and length. If the wizard is professional with extensive experience, gel nail extension on tips allows to achieve an ideal shape and length of the nail plate. Qualitative tips are defined very easily, they should be flexible enough to withstand loads during operation and is not too thick, so the nails do not look unnatural.

In addition to different shape, length and width of the tips come in different colors. Classic models have color, which doesn’t differ much from the natural color of the natural nail plate. Transparent tips are intended to create the original and unusual manicure, which is called the aquarium. Also popular and in demand polymer or acrylic nail tips, French which already has on its surface finished drawing or painted in a different colour. With their help can be quickly done building, without wasting additional time on the design surface of the nail.

Although transparent tips involve the creation of an aquarium manicure, they can also be used for modeling French with different color. French tips on transparent create. To do this, the master must accurately choose the shape, width and length of the growing templates.

After the master picked up the most suitable transparent tips, you need to prepare natural nails to build up. The first procedure is the removal of cuticle and removal of the top (fat) layer from the surface of the natural nail. It is made very мелкоабразивной nail file to minimal trauma of natural plate. Next, the wizard подпиливает the tip of the nail so that the selected transparent tips ideal «sat». After that you should be sure to treat the surface of natural nails primer – special обезжиривающей fluid, which improves the bonding surfaces.

Next you need to stick each with a clear type C to the nail. For the contact zone of the prepared templates and natural nail is coated with special glue. Further tips densely press to the nail and hold for at least 20 seconds. This operation is performed with each nail. Once the templates already glued, is better once to touch nails to anything, they are still too fragile and can come unstuck. You can also check the quality of pasting. Nails quickly would break if between типсом and natural nail visible white bubbles from the air.

If the transparencies the templates designed to make color Kant, the templates need to be prepared. Before on tips to make French, the master must very carefully remove the nail file thickness artificial nail to make room for color gel. Captions on the surface of the template should be in the form of French and be on all the nails in the same form. This is done to ensure that when the gel is applied to the tips was no visual differences and the thickness of the accreted nail was everywhere the same. Only after this procedure, you can start to stick tips.

Next, the wizard starts to simulate French, dealing color gel on sawed zone типса. To try very gently spread French gel on tips that was not very strong visual differential or the lump on the surface of the nail. Next on the coat and the nail is applied to the image or attached decoration: sequins, stickers, stencils and other prints for the design and appearance of the nail plate. Designs and drawings are applied only those materials that do not contain acetone: acrylic paint, and gels.

Next you want to freeze all construction, covering it with several layers of transparent gel. The number of coats depends on several reasons. The thinner the tips, the more you can apply the gel layers. If templates are too thick, cover the nails multiple layers of gel does not work, they will look too unnatural.

If suddenly while immedi don’t like the length of the nail, master can easily adjust its каттером and saw through filing. After all layers of the gel is dealt, the wizard handles the nail surface бафиком, lining thickness and removing Shine. The last layer – finish, which gives the whole manicure brilliant and festive look. Its cause is not too thick.

Although transparent tips (French Express) can be bought in specialised shops, some artists prefer to simulate the color coat on transparent templates. The nails are more natural and original appearance.

To make a color coat on transparent and manicure, the master must be experienced enough. This type of building and design of nails helps girls to get exclusive and original manicure.


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