Frequent visits salons specializing in the design of nails is quite expensive. Much better to be able to bring their nails in order and make them beautiful figure.

Nails with a «gold leaf», rhinestones, shiny stones, ribbons always look elegant and beautiful, and if you try, you can make from a nail a real masterpiece, which is a perfect complement for the evening or holiday together.

Of course, complex compositions are best left for a professional in a nail salon, but more General patterns can be done by own forces. So, to complete nail design for beginners need a base and a transparent varnish for fixing, manicure scissors, toothpick, and various decorations.

Nails must be completely cleaned of old lacquer, cuticles, and free edge is necessary for to the desired shape and size.

Very well on the nails looks Golden foil with Golden threads. If decorate nails it is planned figures and patterns of foil, a need to cut into the required number of fragments thread just to cut to later in the process a bit.

The nail will need to apply a base coat. The varnish, which had not yet completely dry, laid out the patterns of the prepared materials. Superimposed elements undesirable shift, so to lay out a small details and patterns is better to use a toothpick. Toothpick also conveniently spread rhinestones.

Gold plated nail can be done using the «gold» of the paper. While the base is completely cured, you need to make to you a piece of paper and a minute later gently remove it. When all these items are laid out and completely dry base varnish, nail needs to be carefully covered with a layer of special fixer or clear lacquer. Especially carefully it is necessary to cover the bulk composition.

Making gold nail design needs to remember the «Golden rule»: small, modest figure looks good on all the nails, and a complex and bright one.

Very well on the nails look Golden drawings made with the help of a brush. In this case, the main instruments are the thin brush. It is worth noting that the brushes you can draw both on liquid and on затвердевшему ground. Thus, we must understand that in the case of application of an image on liquid basis, varnishes will be blended, and the result may be quite unexpected. Before applying the Golden Polish on the nails, the need to practice on plain paper. To do this, you need paper to depict the boundaries of the nail (it is desirable that depicted dimensions were close to the real ones) . Within the boundaries of the need to draw a butterfly, flowers or other items. If the figure has turned out, you can safely nails.

In addition brushes, for use on nails «gold» gallery can also use a thin needle. With the help of needles can be drawing only on liquid lacquer. On the nail need to apply a thick layer of varnish, best of dark shades and right at him drop slightly Golden varnish. After that ordinary needle received «mixture» smeared on their faces. With this technique, one can get very original and intricate patterns. It is also worth noting that for this method of application are only varnishes, very slowly-drying.

For registration nail gilding also, you can use Scotch tape. With it, you create masterpieces. All done quite fast and easy. A piece of adhesive tape to stick to skim clean glass. Using Wallpaper or a hobby knife on an adhesive tape is cut figure. On the nails of the pre-a layer of dark lacquer which carefully dried. Next stencil is removed from the glass and glued on the nail. Above all must be covered with Golden paint. After the upper layer of lacquer is completely dry, stencil must be removed and put on nail layer fixer.

Also for registration of the Golden manicure, you can use the gel pens. Using helium pen, you can do some pretty cool pictures with many small, precise parts. For this, the most suitable helium pen with a Golden or metallic luster, as this gel has a pretty thick consistency, which is better falls on the nail. Of varnishes in this case, use only those чтобыстро dry up. Drawings handle also need to make based on, and the picture cover with a transparent varnish or special fixer.

In the Golden manicure you can use the «colored sand». Colored sand is a small balls that must be applied to the nail, using a needle or a thin sticks. Tool should be dipped in the water and touch them to balls-grains of sand. The elements are on the painted nails. So you can put a bow, flower, heart, star, etc. from Above figure covered by a fixer. Golden grains of sand will be very good to look on matte varnishes.

For girls who don’t like to spend too much time creating a manicure, and think how to make nail design quickly, in specialist stores beautiful Golden stickers on the nails. With these labels, you create a very beautiful manicures, just a few minutes.

Manicure made in gilt, looks very rich and beautiful, but remember that it is not suitable for all outfits. It is very important that the «Golden» nails in harmony with the image of its owner.


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