Nail extension and design is now so popular that many young ladies to take short-term courses on this kind of activity only to carry out this procedure for yourself beloved home.

Almost every second armed with a certificate of conformity and the beginning of the experiment on their nearest relatives and friends. At first glance it may seem that the world just flooded the master of manicure. However, this is not so. And those who seriously decides to do this activity as their main business, will find its place under the sun.

But this is not a guarantee secured by a bright future by profession маникюрщицы. First, you need to invest considerable funds in the necessary equipment and materials.

Of course, manicure favorably financial investments from other types of private business in the sense that do not need large areas for working, expensive equipment, office, etc. Because the design of the nails can be practiced at home or, as preferred by most clients, at their home.

How much can you earn on the nails, depends on professionalism, as in any other field. Hardly early career (and nail design is the creative activity) will be able to earn large amounts. As a rule, the first time you have to work just advertising to attract customers. If even get a job in the salon, provided replaceable schedule (2 of 2) payment will be 6 – 7 thousand rubles.

However, this schedule has its advantages, allowing the free time to devote to their regular VIP customers who appear over time. In this case, the monthly income could double. On the complete set of services – from basic care techniques to newfangled capacity and exclusive design – each client will return to about 1.5 thousand rubles. But you must take into account the cost of gel, varnish, glue and more than paired work.

Statistics says that only starting from the fifth client money start to come back. As a rule, the regime of work of the master of manicure is slightly different from the rhythm of others, as the daily support in the order of their hands, not many. It turns out that the real Abraham – the weekend when possible birthdays, weddings, anniversaries. Or in the holidays. Yes and traditional remedial procedures are mainly carried out in the evening time everyday.

Earn nail extension decent money, of course. When the client base already exist and are known preferences of regular customers, you can even visualize their monthly salaries. As a competent master already knows in advance when this or that, you’ll need another procedure of nail care.

But don’t stop there, because fashion is very unpredictable and almost every six months, new technologies, better materials. To gain a reputation as a master with a capital letter, you need to be aware of all the new and able to quickly respond to client requests.

It is not excluded, that the self-study will be a little, and after some time after the receipt of the basic skills need to fold increase qualification. Any professional area of expertise will not tolerate ignorance, and manicure is not an exception.

There are such trade costs, as the need to breathe harmful pairs of chemical compounds, dust from grinding nails and straining his eyes in deriving jewelry patterns on the surface of the nail. However, if a person feels a calling to create beauty, the work will be only joy, regardless of their earnings.

So you can earn a lot, but it also depends on the physical capacity of the organism, because over the years, many masters complain of allergies, the fall of view, back pain. Alas, the «professional» disease is everywhere.


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