Every woman wants to look good, therefore uses all available and available means for skin care of face, hands and body. It’s always fun to catch on himself delighted gaze of men.

To have a beautiful and well-groomed hands, they need a constant and even everyday care. During the day often have to deal with the dirty work, to touch dusty items that leave mud on his hand. Not enough to simply wash their hands with soap. Still need to use a moisturizing and nourishing cream, special masks, which protect skin of hands, give them soft. Good effect gives hand scrub. It can be purchase in any shops of cosmetics. But you can cook it in the home of more natural products. Ready scrubs contain a lot of chemistry, so some of an allergic reaction. And to avoid such consequences, it is better to prepare in your own hands.

As a rule, the basis of all scrubs is coffee. Its solid particles have a great exfoliating properties, which allows to remove dead skin areas hands. As an additional element to the coffee can become oatmeal, honey, sour cream, any fruit.

Recipe №1. Coffee scrub hands. It is necessary to mix two or three teaspoons of plain black coffee with a few drops of liquid soap. Then apply to hands and carefully massaged few minutes. Mixture, rinse with warm water and apply a hand cream. After this procedure, the hands become soft and the skin soft.

Recipe №2. Hand scrub with sour cream. For this you need to clean the sea sand, preferably small, mix with sour cream and add a few drops of olive oil (you can almond and peach) . All ingredients, mix well and apply to clean skin. Within a few minutes softly and gently massage the hands, so as not to injure the skin. Each of these components differently affects the skin of the hands. Then wash thoroughly with liquid soap and apply any cream.

Recipe №3. Honey scrub hands. It is necessary to mix one tablespoon of honey with sugar, add a few drops of vitamin e, mix and put on the hands, massage and rinse with water. After such a scrub the skin of the hands will receive the necessary vitamins will become soft and gentle.

Recipe №4. Oaten hand scrub. In order to prepare a scrub, you need to grind in a coffee grinder oatmeal, then mix with a spoon of honey and the same quantity of olive oil instead of olive you take any other) . Apply to hands and carefully massaged within 5 minutes. Massaging to be careful not to damage the skin. Then rinse with cool water and apply a nourishing cream for hands.

Recipe №5. Scrub the hands of sea salt. Take equal amounts sea salt and sour cream, stir, add a few drops of olive and peach oil. Apply scrub the hands and массирующим movements spread over the whole plot. After wash hands with soap, preferably glycerine, and apply the cream.

All these scrubs recipes are easy to prepare at home with their hands. Moreover, in their preparation will take very little time. You do not need to run to the grocery store, because all the ingredients are always available at hand. However, it is necessary to warn that scrub, even if it is homemade, apply one or two times a week. This is because the coarse particles scrub (as a basis) can injure the skin of the hand, lead to redness. And always after any procedure you need to use a moisturizing or nourishing cream to the skin of the hands calmed down and absorbed its useful properties.

Thus, the article presents useful information how to make a homemade hand scrub. Women are still just do not be lazy, and at least once a week using the gifts of nature to look well-attended.


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