Well-groomed nails have become an indispensable attribute of the image of the modern woman. Not always possible to put in order the hands of an expert. Sometimes you have to do all the work independently and within a short time.

Nobody says that fast and beautiful manicure succeed at the first attempt. To the emergency need to be ready to cope with a task, you must exercise. Yes and stock up on the set of required procedures for items will also be useful.

First of all – this is a special solution of acetone or any other suitable for this situation means and cotton pads. You can easily in seconds to eliminate remaining after the previous procedure manicure lacquer coating. Wool should be thoroughly moisten in the above fluid and intense movements led on the nail surface until not remain a trace of varnish.

On the case for scissors. They will be useful if the nails are of uneven length or hostess want to make them shorter.

After this the time to take on the file. First normal, which it will give nails appropriate form, and then and polishing. Thanks to it the surface of the nail plate becomes smooth and varnish become at her evenly. And this is one of the important considerations to achieve the goal titled «how to make a quick manicure? ».

However, it is less responsible stage of work on work with a cuticle. Before you delete it, should leave a little fingers in soapy water. In normal times, it may be warm. But as the article considers the case when you need to act rapidly, the author advises to make a solution of water and soap and hot, so it lightly burned his skin. In this scenario, soft cuticle already in a couple of minutes. Remain gently pry her with a wooden stick and cut using a tweezers (option for supporters trim manicure) or use one of the tools aimed at removing cuticle (for those who cut way dislike) . Using the same tweezers are cut burrs subject to availability.

Used in the process of instruments should be disinfected first. It is desirable to do it directly after use and already «clean» devices to fold into a storage tank. Then, if you need to quickly get a manicure, do not have to spend on «disinfecting» precious time.

Each cultivated on all of the above rules nail and cuticle area is smeared with special oils, designed to ensure a healing and nourishing effect.

It is possible to finish. Although to give hands more presentable appearance is recommended to cover them with a varnish. Subject of the lack of skills in this area, it is preferred means of pastel shades or even make a choice in favor of clear lacquer. The matter is that when applying such in the eyes not so you will come across the fact that imposed coverage is not very smoothly and there goes beyond the boundaries laid.

Later, after some practice professionally applied on the nails of the varnish of any color will be as simple as a Cup of coffee in the morning. And not only. The one does not lose the popularity of French will cease to be a luxury that must either spend most two hours, or pay for her master. The author witnessed an acquaintance of his girl spent on such manipulations just about half an hour. Nobody says that this is the limit. Perhaps the reader will be able in due time to cope with such a task much faster.

Do not despair if the manicure is only half an hour. As practice shows, this is enough to not only give your nails a well-groomed appearance, but also turn them into some semblance of an object of art.


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