Manicure is an integral part of the overall care of appearance. Due to the diversity of styles everyone can choose the most acceptable variant of registration of a nail plate.

Many simply forget that before you make the shape of the nail, it is necessary to pay attention and many other things. Not less depends on the General perception of the hands. An integrated approach is very important, according to specialists. Not less important are the cuticle and the skin around the nails and hands. Insufficient attention paid to this part of you that can ruin even the most neat and beautiful manicures.

Experts give some tips on how to make the correct form of nails that are common to each of them. An important role is played by the correct selection of instruments. One of the most common errors is the use of forceps or manicure scissors for correction edge of the nail platinum.

This is much more effective will nail file, the movements of which must be made in one direction in order to avoid polarization of the nail structure. Material and intensity of files depends on the properties of nails. So strong suit more granular, and fragile and susceptible to stratification – plastic with a light dusting.

A nail file, made of metal, should be excluded from its Arsenal, as they contribute to the warming of the nail from the moment of friction, which is one of the reasons stratification. From it also may help to use a special polishing surface.

Before you proceed with the formation of the plate, you should understand the кутикулами. To do this, first it is recommended to take baths for hands, which softens the skin and makes it easy to clip the cuticle and burrs. The latter can be avoided if, after elimination of oil to lubricate the skin.

Nails square shape suitable for almost any style and type of manicure: as under the discreet French and involving unusual colors. Best of all it looks more emaciated hands, and at full or short fingers, he looks unprofitable, because the additional shortens them.

By choosing to learn how to make a square-shaped nails properly and carefully so it does not lose its appeal.

For this you need just to be aware of some of the nuances. The optimal length of a nail for this form is about two to three millimeters. Many of the long nails wear it for a long time will be problematic due to the fact that the edge can quickly break.

For the form of nails «soft square» harmonious suited straight cut the cuticle, which can be distinguished angles. This is meant to arose a holistic perception of the nail: the inner and outer part. If the nail plates small in themselves, then the length of the free edge is better to slightly increase.

One of the advantages of soft square shape of the nail plate is the fact that it does not make any restrictions on the density and structure of the nail. Rounded corners are much less break, unlike acute, so this design is suitable even those nails fragile and soft. Besides the General view of a less extreme than the standard square shape.

After cuticle will be processed, you can proceed to the formation of why you need to use an emery Board of medium caliber. It must be articulated in parallel with the growth of cuticle and dub nail, making a unilateral movement.

In order to give nails maximum spectacular view, you need to carefully ensure that they all were the same length, then Polish the edge of the filing of a very small caliber.

Next, gently rounded corners, but it is important to observe moderation, as otherwise the form of «soft square » may inadvertently turn into the usual oval. Secret of correct formation of angles that they should скругляться.

This file should not bring more than a couple of millimeters behind the corner. Mistake will not allow application of glass nail files with a light dusting, because the correction of the form of corners will take place gradually, at a slow pace.

Experts recommend at the end of the procedure, not to forget about protective coating, which can serve as enamel. Regardless of decorative loading nails and selection of varnish, has repeatedly noted that as with the traditional and relaxed square shape is best gloss surface.

After placing themselves nail worth paying attention to the skin, which is in need of care, especially in cold weather. Redness on the skin of the hands, caused by перемерзанием and the emergence of micro-cracks can distort the user’s perception of manicure. To avoid this, you should pick the cream or oil for skin.

The very form of «soft square» was due to the combination of a square and oval shapes. It was invented by specialists in order to move away from the already boring oval, and on the other hand to avoid the constant problems with the angles and make it more adaptable, acceptable for any structure of nails. Many she fell in love for the combination of practicality and aesthetics, which gives it a rounded corners.

It is convenient also for those, whose specificity of work requires intensive manual work. Also nail form of «soft square suitable for almost every application technique varnishes.


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