If in the autumn or winter, you can hide feet in closed shoes, it will be impossible to do this, open shoes issues all the disadvantages. So the dry and rough heels will soon let know, how carefully they did not hide from prying eyes.

The most common disadvantage of the foot is a crack on the heels and the vile, untidy appearance. The causes for this state of heels, a few. One of the reasons is a fungal disease of the legs. If the disease is not promptly treated, and it will take a chronic form, over time, the skin on the heels coarsens and cracks.

In this case, no scrubs and baths for the feet can help. Moreover, the deep cracks fill with dust and become painful. So to некрасивому mind feet added to pain and discomfort. To prevent this, it is better when the first symptoms and suspected fungi go to a doctor for a competent treatment.

Another reason for formation of cracks on the heels of a lack of dietary intake of essential vitamins and minerals. To solve the problem of rough heels, you need to change your diet to include all the products enriched with vitamins and minerals. And finally, the most common cause of cracks on the heels of both women and men is the lack of hygiene and contact with dust.

When the skin of the feet constantly in contact with dust, it can damage the skin structure. And if this does not observe the rules of hygiene, the skin on the heels soon becomes dry and rough. It can lead not only ugly and untidy views leg, but hit infection through an open wound. Therefore, one should not allow the skin on the heels came to the point. Sometimes tight and rough shoes also leads to the fact that the skin thickens and appearance on the heels of cracks.

In this case, is to change your shoes, pre-treating heel. To give the feet of well-groomed and neat appearance, remove the cracks on heels, from time to time to use foot scrub. No need to buy expensive and branded scrubs, spending a lot of money. You can prepare a scrub and at home.

What will this require?

Foot scrub differs from other cosmetic products for foot care, in that it contains large and solid particles, specially intended for removal of rough keratinized skin and a layer of dead cells on the heels and legs as a whole. There are several options on how to make a foot scrub at home.

Recipe №1

Coffee foot scrub. To prepare a scrub, you need the following ingredients: black coffee (preferably coarse) , sea salt and olive oil. One tablespoon mixed with one teaspoon of sea salt and two tablespoons of olive oil. Instead of olive you can take almond or peach, they are perfectly softens the skin. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed to make a thick paste.

Recipe №2

Oaten foot scrub. Three tablespoons mixed with one tablespoon of cream. Add a little milk. Must be very thick and not very liquid paste. The consistency should be such that the mixture was able to stay on their heels.

Recipe №3

Foot scrub of radish. To cook it, radishes to grate on a coarse grater, to add one teaspoon of rice or corn flour, one tablespoon of olive or corn oil and a teaspoon of cream for foot, preferably fatty. All the ingredients and mix well. Before peeling feet and use any of the scrubs, the legs need to pre-set in order, that is, soften the skin on his heels. It is enough to soar feet in hot water.

You can use salt foot bath or bath decoctions of herbs. They soften the skin of the feet, extend the pores and clear of a dust. So, put on the heels cooked scrub massages movements. Leave for 5-10 minutes. During this time the skin on the heels will become even softer, so that the dead land will be easy to remove. Once time is up, scrub, rinse. Then again, put your feet in hot water and pumice RUB softened heel.

Remove skin on the heels must be very careful not to hurt your feet and even more aggravate their condition. After the feet to rinse with warm water, thoroughly dry with a towel and apply moisturizing or nourishing foot cream. It is desirable that the cream for the feet included extracts of chamomile or calendula. They tend to soften skin and heal the small cracks and wounds.

On top of wear cotton socks. Foot scrub is desirable to do at night before bedtime to his feet rested and better absorbed cream. Experts recommend for prevention use a scrub at least once a week to prevent the appearance of cracks on the heels. In severe cases, when the skin on the heels of already damaged, peeling feet can be done more frequently, at least every other day, until the heel would not return and do not acquire the original appearance.

So, to give the feet of the beautiful and well-groomed appearance, that the heels were gentle and pink, smooth and velvety, not necessary to make a few painful hours in beauty salons, spending a lot of money. Just want to and make peeling feet in home conditions, using simple and quite effective recipes.

How pleasant to deal with a woman that always well-groomed and neat appearance. No man will not miss any opportunity to get acquainted with a woman that’s got a perfectly clean and beautiful legs.


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