The eternal question «how to lose weight quickly while not harming the health?» bother most women, because women are overly self-critical, especially when it comes to the shape and appearance in General. Today there are many recipes for weight loss, but not all of them harmless. Some strict diet and other radical methods of struggle against overweight are in conflict with the health and normal health. In this regard, we will give several recommendations for those who want to lose weight, not harm your body.

More water, eat less

Вода для похуденияAs is known, to lose weight it is possible only in case if the number of those entering the body with food calories will be lower energy costs. So the first thing to do in the fight against excess weight is, of course, to limit myself to eat. We are talking about reasonable limit consumption of fatty and high-calorie food, not on complete abstinence from food – such radicalism may lead to the opposite effect. The body, which severely limit the supply includes an emergency formation of reserves, and draws the energy literally out of the water. But all it takes not replenishment of the life-forces, and the strategic reserve of the fat deposits. Therefore fasting is not a guarantee of weight loss. Here we need a balanced and developed by an experienced nutritionist special diet. And so she gave a result, you need throughout time slimming drink more water.

Sport and «burning» fat

Cuts in the diet reduces the amount of calories consumed, it promotes weight loss. But even more effectively at the same time increasing energy consumption.

To do this:

  • Exercise regularly (fitness, gym, yoga, etc.)
  • To carry out Jogging in the fresh air (half an hour per day)
  • Lead an active lifestyle and plenty of walking.

Как питаться при похуденииThe catalyst of the process of losing weight are special «fat burners», which, as their name implies, contribute to breaking down fat, removing extra inches from the waist, hips, buttocks, abdomen and other problem areas of the female body. Fat burners are natural and artificially synthesized. Among the former is the green coffee and other products that assist in the breakdown of fats in the body. As for sports nutrition, there is need to be careful, and to buy only the proven products from well-known manufacturers, because the market is full of low quality products and dangerous imitations.

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