The main trend in modern укладках – maximum freedom and naturalness. Volumetric light, but at the same time obedient and elastic hair is the dream of many girls. With proper care and with the correct track-laying vehicles such an effect can reach any girl.

In order to achieve the volumetric and alive hair, first of all, you must choose the right’s skin funds. You must always remember that the more tools we use, the more their hair accumulate, and as a result become heavier and do not hold the required volume. Therefore, especially for thin hair shampoos and conditioners is necessary to choose a hydrating and firming, but do not contain such weight components, as oil and silicones.

Shampoo and conditioner Color and Volume» from Syoss without silicones, parabens, and paraffin. Approximate cost – 35 UAH.

Shampoo «Extreme volume» from the Gliss Kur c complex liquid keratin and marine collagen, free of silicones. The approximate cost is 25 UAH.

Shampoo to add volume Volume from L’oreal. The approximate cost is UAH 85.

If you need to use nutritional and / or restoring mask for hair, it is best to use it for 10-15 minutes before shampooing the hair напитаются useful substances and residues you going to wash the shampoo. As a result, you will be a beautiful, elastic hair without the effect of weighting and fat.

Also it is recommended to periodically (2 times a month) to use shampoos-эксфолианты or detox shampoo that work by type of scrub and clean your hair from accumulated on them silicones and other substances.

Gentle scrub hair Refining Sea Polish from Redken. Agent removes impurities, cleans the surface of the hair, leaving it smooth and shiny. Approximate cost – 230 UAH.

Shampoo Bio Traitement Spa Detox Shampoo from Brelil Professional. The remedy is removes the residues of dirt and cosmetic products, making the hair shiny and strengthening them. The approximate cost is 80 UAH.

In addition, do not leave too wet hair to dry naturally, since the flowing hair water «kills» the whole volume. If you don’t use a Hairdryer, always carefully blot your hair with a towel, and only after that leave them to dry.

Laying tools play an important role in creating the volume. Without them your natural volume may disappear after a couple of hours after shampooing.

Choosing стайлинговые tools, you must be guided by the same rule as for room pampering assets – minimum weight of components included. Such means should be «invisible», both visually and to the touch. Plus, to avoid sticky or effect «cardboard» hair, apply a very small amount of styling and well its spread through his hair.

Try tools such as a foam, spray and powder volume.

Spray volume thin hair «Luxury volume» from the John Frieda. This tool not only gives the hair a chic volume, but also protects them from the negative effects of high temperatures. The approximate cost is 170 UAH.

Spray-mousse root volume of line Tech.NiArt from L’oreal Professionnel. The tool is evenly distributed and was not felt the hair, making them fuller and more manageable. Approximate cost – 115 UAH.

Styling-powder from Taft. Tool in a matter of seconds will give volume and accentuate the texture of your hair. Approximate cost – 35 UAH.

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