Lamination fingernails concern for many, but from this trouble, you can get rid of. Here is only to begin, you will understand why there was such a problem, only so it will be possible to restore the health of nails a.

Causes of exfoliating nails

The first reason exfoliate nails, can be negative influence of external environment. So, if hands are often in a moist environment, and adversely action of detergents, then you need to take it a rule to wear gloves.

By a simple operation is able to maintain its nails. If gloves are worn not want, you can grease the hands cream, he can give some degree of protection.

The second reason is the lack of calcium and solar vitamin D. The problem is solved by the use of the drug with these microelements. That’s just too zealous since overabundance of calcium also leads to stratification of the nails, so you need to know when to stop, and do not exceed the daily dose.

The third reason is the wrong nail care. So, many still saw their iron nail file and use acetone Polish remover. All of this leads to the thinning of the nail plate and in the end, she is starting to look healthy. If there is such errors in the care of the hands, then they should be immediately eliminated.

The fourth reason is poor nutrition. Needs to make more fiber and eliminate sodas because they have a bad property flush out of the body minerals. It is also possible to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed, and together with it and not forget reduce and выкуриваемые cigarettes.

In the end, will be able not only to return to their nails attractive appearance, but also the health of your body. In addition to this, you will need to forget about fast food, because it is also not a vitamin. It is better to eat seafood, vegetables, fruits, and cereals.

Undoubtedly, such a measure will help to return the nails to its attraction, but only remember that two to three weeks of such a diet will not provide a solution, it will have to adhere to all life, and simultaneously use various products and oil.

It is worth noting that слоящаяся the nail plate is often a result of an illness, in particular the endocrine system. That is why is so important to be screened, because if it is, then no vitamins and oil will not help.

The means for getting rid of exfoliating nails

So how to get rid of nail exfoliation one day does not work, you will need to start small. For example, you can purchase a variety of cosmetic products, they will help get rid of this scourge. In the market a lot of them, so you can look after yourself something worthwhile.

Very good effect on the nails products, which contain a variety of oils. But to save money, you can do something similar yourself. And it is better to purchase for this purpose, olive small, it revives the nail plate, moisturizing and nourishing. It contains a huge number of different microelements and vitamins.

To nails alive, every day we need to RUB it in a plate before bedtime. And that dirty bed linen should wear cotton gloves on his hands. For the best effect, it is recommended to add to butter a little lemon juice.

Lamination nails can be stopped by means of an ordinary massage. This will need to apply to the nail plate a little bit of essential oil and RUB it into the skin of the hands and, of course, and nails. For this massage is an excellent choice will be sandalwood, sea-buckthorn or Jasmine oil.

If you want to revive your broken nails, you should make the most ordinary salt baths. What will be useful for sea or ocean salt that should be without aromatic additives. First you need to heat a small amount of water and add a teaspoon of salt.

After that, you can omit the tips of his fingers. The duration of these aquatic procedure lasts 20 minutes. It should be done within 10 days, after which the nails will become much stronger. Here are just throw care should not be, as the problem can easily go back again, and all will have to start over.

Good help baths with the addition of lemon juice. So, you need to squeeze half a lemon into a container and pour in hot water. Keep your arms in about 15 minutes. Then you should RUB in nails castor oil or sesame oil.

This measure will help to revive them to life, and they will cease to exfoliate. And better смежать in a jar several oils, and RUB this mixture into nails, this will help to saturate them with vitamins and make it more robust.

Bath with sea salt and celandine grass, help to cope with слоящимися nails. For her first need to brew 20 grams plants. It poured boiling water for two hours, then all поцеживается.

Until broth is not cold, it should dissolve the salt and add 5 drops of iodine. Hands in such a pan need to keep within 15 minutes. Then the hands necessarily apply a nourishing cream. This measure is done to prevent dryness.

For prophylaxis is recommended to lubricate the nails iodine, such a measure can prevent delamination, but do it only twice a week. Here only this method is not suitable for people who have problems with the thyroid gland. In addition, remember that after iodine nails will be yellow, and with such a «beauty» to work not go, because the appearance is not very aesthetically pleasing.

Layer nails can be treated, the main approach to this complex. Namely, to make adjustments in your diet, taking vitamins, massage and baths, work at home in medical gloves.

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