избавиться перхотьEven the most beautiful hairstyle will look disgusting, if the hair prisypany white flakes. Dandruff on the hair – phenomenon not dangerous, but is extremely unpleasant. Therefore the question of how to get rid of dandruff, is always important for those who are familiar with this problem. Fortunately, dandruff is not a sentence, and it can be tackled effectively using medicines and home remedies.


Methods of struggle

There are many causes of dandruff: this and the lack of hygiene, and the use of mismatched funds, and seborrhea, and a variety of skin diseases and fungal skin infections. Provoke excessive flaking of the scalp can even stress and poor diet. And often dandruff is caused by a complex of various reasons.

Sometimes dandruff unable to cope independently. Sometimes you just need to change the power mode, avoid stress, often wash your hair and change your shampoo. Someone help folk remedies or special shampoos that are sold in pharmacies. They often have to try several shampoos, before you will be found a cure for dandruff.

If independent control dandruff futile, you should refer to a doctor trichologist, to find out the cause of this syndrome and find adequate treatment. Complex effect on the body, including the suitable diet, психогигиену, vitamin therapy and the use of individually selected local funds (shampoos, lotions, infusions) allows to get rid of dandruff and prevent its reappearance.


The most simple

Once, many believed that the less frequently wash your hair, the healthier will be head of hair. Fortunately, such prejudices already in the past. Hot water and shampoo are available to all, so people who neglect of personal hygiene, in our time is almost gone. And yet dandruff may signal that the hair requires more frequent washing. Especially important rinsing the hair after the application of any styling products, as well as after a swim in the sea or chlorinated water.

Another common cause of dandruff – hair wash inappropriate shampoo. For example, not all the shampoo is suitable for daily use, and excessive use may cause irritation of the scalp. Do not wash your hair with shampoo for oily hair, and Vice versa. And even special anti-dandruff shampoos should not be used without the need to oseltamivir – this can lead to the opposite result.

If you suspect that dandruff arose due to the wrong choice of shampoo, you must stop using this tool, go to the other shampoos that such a reaction is not called. It is desirable to hair care use tools with a minimum number of artificial additives, which are often irritate the sensitive skin of the head.


The role of diet

Man is what he is. Centuries have passed, this saying has not lost its actuality: unbalanced diet can have an impact on health status and on appearance. Of course, one of only a change of diet dandruff problem solve is unlikely to succeed, but with proper diet will make treatment more effective.

First of all, is to ensure that food rich in B vitamins, calcium and zinc. Not prevent multivitamin complexes. But fatty foods and alcohol should be restricted.


Special shampoos

Cosmetic shampoos that are actively advertised by the manufacturer, does not affect the cause of dandruff – they just remove dead cells. Accordingly, it is worth to stop using shampoo, and dandruff come back again. A much more effective means of dandruff that you can buy in a pharmacy. Antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial components of these funds heals the scalp and correct the causes of dandruff. As a rule, medical products have complex effect, which leads to their high efficiency.

Method of use medicated shampoos, as a rule, different from the way you use their beauty analogues. In particular, such shampoos should be used regularly. In addition, it is not enough just to put on the hair and wash: contained in tools such active substances need some time to have an impact. As a rule, this takes a few minutes.


Home remedies

Often very effective against dandruff and are home remedies. They can be used by themselves or in the complex of other measures to improve the scalp. Before using home remedies does not hurt to check with your doctor.

Well established in controlling dandruff essential oils, in particular – tea tree oil, which is known for its antiseptic and antimycotic action. A few drops of this oil added to the normal shampoo, will serve as a good prevention of dandruff. If the scalp is already unhealthy, tea tree oil can be added to the masks for hair and лосьонам scalp.

Often the cause of dandruff is becoming increased oiliness of the skin. In such a situation to help dairy hair masks based on whey, buttermilk, curdled milk. These products are rubbed into the roots of the hair for twenty minutes to wash and are washed first to cool, then warm water.

Very effective for psoriasis and medicinal herbs such as nettle, thyme, yarrow, coltsfoot and calendula. It is desirable not use alcohol and water infusions these herbs: for the preparation of infusions such tablespoon crushed dried plants pour a glass of boiled water and leave for four-five hours. After this infusion filtered and used for wiping the scalp. Daily use of such means will help to get rid of dandruff and strengthen hair.

Maria Bykova

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