Unfortunately, dandruff no one is immune. According to the statistics today affects every third person on the planet. I WANT to have prepared a selection of tools that can help solve the problem.

To get rid of dandruff, you should first find the cause. Otherwise, it will appear again and again.

The main cause of this skin disease can be improper care, the use of hard water, lack of vitamins of group b, the lack of moisture to the skin. A weakened immune system, stress and poor diet may further worsen the situation.

Ideally, the first step in controlling dandruff should be visiting trichologist, who can accurately diagnose and assign complex treatment, but not all of us have time and money on it, so we often self-looking for a variety of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, capable to deliver us from «white snowflakes on her hair.

I WANT to offer your attention the most popular and effective means.

Shampoo Nizoral

Shampoo Nizoral considered one of the most effective medicated shampoos, recommended by doctors for the treatment of dandruff. Active antifungal tools component is retained in upper layers of the skin and hair for a long time and permanently protects against the re-emergence of dandruff. In addition, its therapeutic effect is maintained even when you use regular shampoo. The approximate cost is 80 UAH.

SULSENA Paste 2%

It contains 2% sulphur compounds – selenium disulfide and complex mineral additives. Pasta quickly normalizes the function of fat secretion scalp helps to eliminate dandruff and unpleasant itching, as well as strengthens and stimulates hair growth. The approximate cost is 20 UAH.


Burdock is useful not only for the skin and hair. Regular use of this tool helps in the prevention of hair loss and hair drying. In addition to this, burdock oil helps in solving problems with dandruff, itching, dryness and irritation of the scalp. Approximate cost depends on the manufacturer, but from 15 UAH.

Shampoo Instant Clear from L’oreal Professionnel 

The shampoo zinc pyrithione, alpha-bisabolol, proteins, special formula, the b-complex vitamins, lipids, and other components that help to eliminate dandruff and itchy skin, as well as make them smooth and shiny. The approximate cost is 80 UAH.

Shampoo from Dercos Vichy 

The tool helps with oily seborrhea and difficult exfoliating dandruff is large in size. Shampoo formula includes selenium disulphide, salicylic acid and other useful components. In addition, shampoo that quickly removes dandruff, he also warns its re-emergence. The approximate cost is UAH 94.

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