The question of how to draw the extended nails is a growing concern not only masters of manicure business, but also simple lovers of a good home manicure. Drawings on the extended nails done by different methods and tools.

In recent years, nail art boldly stepped out of the field of applied skill towards pure art. Today nobody dares to say that those who make and decorate false nails – craftsmen.

Master of manicure today requires not only skillful hands, but impeccable artistic taste and imagination. All this allows not only to perform quality nail extension with gel or acrylic (that essentially one and the same).

Nail decoration, design and picturesque layer, often inferior quality artists, occupies a large place in the nail service date. However, the question of how nails, of importance not only for professionals.

Of course for those who graduated from the art faculty of applied secondary special or higher educational institution, visited in childhood art school or just spends all his free time to draw, to paint a false nails in any style and direction is not difficult.

For the others who have to achieve the desired results at professional or Amateur field stubborn or hard work, practical advice on the key directions and techniques of nail painting.

Actually learn how to draw on graft nails, not so difficult. Most importantly, to show the most interest and persistence.

Method number one is the classic painting brushes. To start, we need to work out and get hand on glossy paper, at which the brush glides the same as on the surface of acrylic artificial nail. After a hand is to acquire the hardness, you can proceed to the main process.

To start superimposed Lac basis. Here perhaps solid solution or mixture of shades. As drying varnish begin to prescribe the contours of the future picture a fine brush and subsequently applying outline colors.

For beginners will be more clever approach – first sketch is the main element, and then more fine brush and paint the details and end contours. This allows you to avoid mistakes in work.

To work brushes are suitable resistant acrylic paints and varnishes. At incomplete просыхании basis, it is possible to achieve the overflowing of the colors in the elements of drawings and to obtain additional effects.

The second most popular way is to draw a needle. Here it is used not fully dried out Lac Foundation on which put a few drops, of which one is on the drawing. Instead of using one of several needles or by using movable needle eye instead of edge you can get a lot of various features of the patterns.

There are methods of application of gel pens. A basis for their use of dried completely. Pens come with pasta, “metallic”, which better lie down on the acrylic cover. Handles very well I get various miniatures and complex patterns that require clear lines and multiple weaves elements.

For those who does not trust in our own strength, imagination and loyalty hands, we can recommend ready скотчевые stencils. After applying the adhesive tape on the dried main Lac, the free space in the stencil is filled with contrasting varnish. After drying figure tape is removed.

There is a sense to start with simple geometric elements and simple ornaments, pre-drawing them on paper and holding before a sample.

Some innovators are for putting patterns or round parts of an ordinary pin, pre-its разогнув. Other like toothpicks, split which on the one hand, you can become as a Chinese artist who issued the hieroglyphs bamboo stick. There is a technique to use banal cotton buds.

Once applied, the beauty of dry out, on top of the nail painting put reinforcing layer of varnish, more transparent.

Drawings on the extended nails often replaced by a method кракелирования using varnish-Python, leaving the grid craquelure. This picturesque technique to achieve the effect of проглядывания basis through the cracks the top layer, too, can be safely attributed to the options of the nail painting.

Any tool has not used the wizard, it is important to have a sense of measure and natural taste. Everything else is achieved by long training and strengthening the hand of the person doing fine of not only the person, clothing, soul, thoughts, but also my hands.

Thus, to draw on graft nails does not harder than actually draw. To smooth and slippery surfaces can also be used to and do not suffer from this difficulty.

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