Hands are the main decoration for every woman. But not necessarily turn to professionals, to get a perfect result, all good and beautiful manicures can be made and most.

Today is an incredibly great popularity among girls enjoys manicure with an original design on ноготках, that is easy enough to do yourself, the important thing to know a few details of this procedure and you can save on services manicurist.

If there is some free time and wanted to experiment, then it will be interesting to learn, how to draw a needle and nails, and what tools are needed.

Well-groomed women handle can not do without a nice manicure, because today even working in the office, attention must be given to their pens. As to the dress code of modern business women do not seem to be too restrictive, you can make an original and very beautiful painting on the nails.

We can say that art painting nails is an art form, therefore, to create beautiful patterns on the nails needle need a little practice, and in extreme cases can be addressed and the help of a professional manicure case.

If there was a desire to learn how to apply to marigold a picture using a needle, then it will be interesting to know that today there are two most popular method of application patterns. The first method uses the thin brush, and in the second needle. Next we will see how to put a picture with the help of a needle.

To drawing on nails looked carefully, you first need to get a manicure, and then prepare all the materials that will be needed during the sign – fixer for varnish base Lac, varnishes different colors (depending on which was selected as the figure) , the basis and a needle.

Very important correctly to choose a needle, which will be applied to the picture itself. When choosing a needle to remember that depending on its size will determine the size of the figure – the thicker needle, the greater picture. If the nails are not too long, then it is best to opt for a thin needle, and to owners of a long and strong nails suit and thick needle. Of course, one should take into account the fact, which was selected a picture, you can use needles of different thickness, but you will need to practice a little.

Further it is necessary to embark on the preparation of the workplace. The most important exactly lighting the ideal will be at work, install a table lamp, which can be quite easy to change the direction of light. So, after will be fully prepared workplace, you can proceed to the next step.

Further it is necessary to try to understand how a needle and nails will be applied to the picture itself. It is important to remember that the painting needle on the nails should do exclusively on liquid varnish. If for this purpose will be applied too thick or the old varnish, then apply the design will be very hard, and nails will look not accurately, and painting blurred.

Drawing on the nail is applied in several stages. First of all the nail on the prepared surface is coated with lacquer base – the lacquer should be applied in a thick enough layer. Now, the varnish is literally a few drops of other colors (shades of varnishes for the figure are determined individually) .

Do not have time to dry lacquer need to start to make a circular, very smooth movements with the use of needles. It is important that the needle moved between drops of color nail Polish. Need to stretch these droplets so that all the lines in one direction. It is not too hard to push the needle, as on the nail can be left quite deep scratches. Also the needle should not break away from the nail surface until completely is not completed line. As a result, the nail will really unique figure. For painting can use paints of different shades, it is desirable that there were at least three.

The completion of the painting will have to cover the nails fixer or a colourless varnish.

On Brandon figure should be applied exclusively to the eye of a needle, is also not recommended for painting use varnishes, dry quickly, as they застынут before the complete picture.

It is important to remember that all movements should be fast enough to complete pattern before varnish dries. Therefore will have a pre-open all the bottles with paints, which are to be used. Key to success is correctly selected shades of nail polishes. Therefore, stop the choice should be on those colors, which will be between a beautifully contrasted.

Do not immediately try to make a complex figure, for a start, we will have to practice a little on the lighter schemes and gradually move to the complex drawings, requiring greater skills.


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